Sunday, January 10, 2010

Charlie's Club Sandwich

Charlie's is sandwich place in the food hall on the Terrace level of the Myer Centre. It does a good range of rolls and sandwiches and also does coffees and hot chocolates. There are two outlets of Charlie's Club Sandwich in South Australia and a couple more interstate.

The hot chocolate came in a mug with a heap of froth on top but only cost three dollars. A sprinkling of chocolate was added to the top of the froth however the froth itself was not particularly tasty and you reviewer had to work his way down before he got to the drink itself. The drink was weak and watery. It required a stir with the plastic spoon provided to get the sediment off the bottom. This one may have been good for those who like lots of froth.

You reviewer has probably tried all the hot chocolates in the Myer Centre now. The verdict on this shopping center:
Roca Pasta is the best value.
Yum delicious presents its hot chocolates well.
Billy Baxter's does a nice iced chocolate.

This venue has been added to the list of disappearing hot chocolate venues.

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