Wednesday, November 11, 2009

227 Espresso Café

There seems to be some confusion over the name of this coffee shop. The sign on the bar says it is Café 227. The notice on the back of the waitress and the yellow pages refers to it as 227 Espresso Café. I thought it was simply Espresso Café from the sign on the front of the shop. I heard one patron call it Lavazza because that was the coffee brand on the barriers around the outside tables and Adelaide Café Review referred to it as "Lavazza Café Espresso 227". I will settle for the name in the yellow pages.

227 North Terrace is a great little spot for a café. It overlooks the University buildings across the wide boulevard that is North Terrace. There is normal table seating outside. Most of the seating inside is high stools with bar height tables. There is also a small lounge area in the back corner with lower seating.

The hot chocolate came in a small glass without a handle. The drink was topped with a white froth and a semicircle of chocolate powder. The drink was reasonably chocolaty but was not stirred properly. A good stir made the drink richer.

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