Monday, January 11, 2010

Metro Bistro

The Metro Bistro is prominent in the Metro Shopping Centre at 254 Unley Road. There has been a history of different eating establishments here. The Atlas Bistro was replaced by a Caffe Primo outlet before it became Metro Bistro. There is plenty of seating inside and out and good table services although you order before you eat. Merkel and Myrtle found some comfortable seats near the front of the restaurant overlooking Unley Road in the evening.

The hot chocolate was $3.60 and looked impressive. It came in a tall glass with a glass handle. A spiral of chocolate syrup was visible around the walls of the glass. The chocolate was topped with a creamy froth and chocolate powder fashioned into a cross. The drink was rich and the presence of the syrup did not detract from the taste of a good hot chocolate.

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