Friday, April 8, 2011

Deli at the Hilton

Your reviewer returned to the Hilton Hotel in Victoria Square for lunch at the Deli bar and found a Haighs Hot Chocolate on the beverage menu. Haighs is arguably South Australias most famous chocolate manufacturer. The hot chocolate came on small metal plate (not quite a silver platter) with a mug of hot chocolate and a glass of mineral water with a lemon slice. There were also two white marshmallows on the plate. The mug was branded on both outside positions with "Hilton Breakfast".

The hot chocolate was topped with a white froth and liberal sprinkle of chocolate powder. The drink was a rich, tasty, dark chocolate flavour. This was a good hot chocolate experience and a cut above the standard offering. The cost was $4.50.


  1. Very good site, brilliant write up.
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    While at it, may I ask how you setup your review system?
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    Deli Bar

  2. Thanks for the feedback suriya.
    By thumbnails do you mean little picutures instead of the arrows on the right hand pane? Do you mean MS Frontpage? The widgets makes it pretty easy. The Alphabetic list is just manual HTML on a blogspot page. The Excel spreadsheet is stored on a different site.