Friday, July 15, 2011

The Grind @ Norwood

Merkel and Myrtle went to The Grind at 225b Norwood Parade recently. This is part of the group that runs The Grind at the Central Market. This is a little shop with snazzy décor. It has bar seating inside and tables outside on the footpath. It specialises in coffees and has has some sweet treats to go with these. Retail coffee beans and hot chocolate mixes are available for purchase. In particular they sell the Arkadia organic coffee brand and the Lamborghini luxury hot chocolate range. There is no thick hot chocolate on tap like at the Central Market stall.

The hot chocolate came in a big ceramic cup and was topped with a white froth and plenty of chocolate powder in a semicircle on top. The flavour was rich and complex and not too sweet. The hot chocolate cost $4.20.

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