Monday, October 3, 2011

Semphore Music Festival

Merkel and Myrtle visited the Semaphore Music Festival over the weekend. This had blues and country artists at many venues around Semaphore. One of the main attractions was the free entertainment on the foreshore. The stage was a large truck and a number of vendors were positioned around the grass area selling food and beverages. This was relaxing way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Merkel tried hot chocolates from two vans. One was selling fruit "jooce" and donuts. The hot chocolate was $3.50 and came with a dunked marshmallow but the drink was weak and inferior. The hot chocolate from the Fair Espresso van was much better. For $4.50 for a regular or $5.50 for medium, Merkel received a creamy rich hot chocolate that was apparently fair trade and organic. It had a good froth on top and was even decorated with a streak of chocolate powder. Merkel had the classic hot chocolate this time but recently the the van was at the Unley Oval for a football match where Merkel tried their Italian hot chocolate. This was also a good hot chocolate but not as thick as the best Italian hot chocolates.

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