Monday, January 16, 2012


Galaxy is small Café and Gallery on East Terrace just few doors away from the corner of Rundle Street. The Café is tiny with a few tables inside and out. Some impressive artworks hangs from the walls and if I you are willing to take the stairs I believe there is a gallery and lounge upstairs. The shop specialises in Frappes and smoothies and does a short menu of menu. The menu is written out on what seems to be scraps of paper. Merkel was accompanied by Mytrle and Miss Kimbers from the Fruit and Mixed Veg blog.

Hot chocolate did not seem to be on the menu but there was an iced Belgian chocolate which caught Merkel's eye. This came in a tall glass and was a deliciously cold drink. The chocolate was not completely liquid but included chocolate ground into bits so the texture of the drink was gritty. It mixed into a smoothie with a thick consistency. The iced chocolate was not much to look at but it was good to drink and cost $6.50.

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