Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hardware Café

Bunnings Warehouse is not the place you would normally think of to have a hot chocolate but even hot chocolate connoisseurs have to buy hardware on occasions. The Hardware Café is a comfortable café inside the Mile End Bunnings Warehouse. It provides pre-packaged snacks and has an espresso machine.

The hot chocolate is unfortunately delivered in a paper cup even for customers dining in. It comes with a bubbly froth and a sprinkle on top in the shape of hammer. Customers have the options of marshmallow but it is dunked in the drink as there is no saucer. The chocolate flavour is a surprising good dark chocolate and the drink is a creamy texture.


  1. Is that a hammer on the top:) Not bad - I never thought I'd hear that a hot chocolate at Bunnings is not half bad:) Maybe it's time to fix up the shed...

  2. I think the Hot chocolate at Bunnings is AWESOME!!!!

    Who ever thought of that hammer idea?
    What an fantastic concept.

    They are voted both the most trusted retail brand and Australia’s most iconic brand in the annual Reader’s Digest “Trusted Brands” survey.

    I love Bunnings! :)