Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hyde Park Bakery

There is a new Bakery in Hyde Park at simply called the Hyde Park Bakery. It is at the corner of King William Road and Mitchell Street at 1 Mitchell Street. It is diagonally opposite Kibbies. Next to Kibbies, Wenzels Cakes has closed down. It may not not be a coincidence that one baker has disappeared from this area around the same time that another one has been established.

The Hyde Park Bakery is a spacious bakery with about eight tables inside for dining in. It is newly renovated with a wonderful exposed stone wall on the east side. The service is friendly and there are quiches, foccacias, cakes and pies on the menu of takeaway or dining in.

The hot chocolate is $3.80 and comes in a glass and saucer with a marshmallow. The glass is hot touch so you will need to utilise the paper napkins in dispenser to hold the drink unless you let it cool down. The drink is decorated with a white froth and spider-web syrup design on top and some syrup inside the glass. This decoration is attractive but makes the drink too sweet. The flavour is smooth and chocolaty.

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