Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trip to Victoria

Merkel and Myrtle recently went interstate to Victoria for a visit. The destination was Horsham but first they stopped over at Border Town.

The Morning Loaf Bakery at 81 North Tce, Border Town is big establishment selling a big range of cakes and pies and also Australian Souveniers. The meals are served on enamel plates. The hot chocolate came in a Piaza Doro cup and saucer. A big marshmallow was also provided. The cost was four dollars.

The Fig Tree Café is at 57 Firebrace Street, Horsham. It was a cosy place to have a hot chocolate while it was raining in Horhsam. A marshmallow was provided and the drink was topped with a white froth and sprinkle of chocolate powder.

At the Oven Door Bakery in Horsham Merkel got a hot chocolate with two marshmallows. It was served in a Grinders coffee cup and was good and chocolaty.

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