Monday, February 22, 2010

Sparrow Kitchen & Bar

The evening session of "Gluttony" was better than the afternoon session. They had various Adelaide Fringe artists showing samples of their shows on the big stage and Micky D keeping the audience amused. The short films started around 9:00pm. There was some confusion about whether minors should be at this event. Children under 12 were admitted free to this event publicised as a "General Admission" event but were not legally entitled to view the short films which were unclassified.

Merkel chose the churros and dipping chocolate from Sparrow Kitchen & Bar. This restaurant on O'Connell Street North Adelaide provided a stall at Gluttony with some selected offerings from their menu. The churros delicacy was something that Merkel enthused about at XO Supper Club. This time the dish had not been executed with the same panache. The chocolate was cold and thin. The churros were warm and fresh but did not seem quite as light at the ones at XO. It was still a nice dish but it is in whole different realm when it is made with hot thick Belgian chocolate.
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