Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Urban Bistro

This bistro serves the Queen Victoria apartments overlooking the Victoria Park racecourse on Fullarton Road. The Victoria Apartments are the result of extensive refurbishments of the Queen Victoria Hospital and there is very little evidence left of this history. The Bistro is a spacious table service restaurant with big windows and wonderful outlook over the racecourse with plenty of seating inside and outside.

The hot chocolate cost $4.00 and came in a petite coffee cup. The chocolate came with a creamy froth and ample chocolate powder on top. The drink was thick and rich and the spoon was required to get the chocolate off the bottom of the cup. This was a good hot chocolate but there was just not enough of it.
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  1. Love Urban!! it became my new haunting place when the food business at linden park lost its little touch that it had ..awesome brekkie and lovely creamy coffee (me thinks its the milk more than the coffee) great service lots of new faces in staff all the time (not sure if thats good or bad!) but its good to sit out on a beautiful spring day and gaze long into the park accross the road..