Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Buskers Café

Your reviewer was alerted to Buskers Café by fellow blogger MMC at My Morning Coffee. This Café is at the far West end of Rundle Mall. This in the mirror image position to Briccone which is at the East end of Rundle Mall. I thought the accommodation at Briccone was more polished but Buskers was still pleasant. Buskers is fine café with good table service. The meals are a little more upmarket and expensive than the usual lunch venue.

Buskers Café had a premium hot chocolate on the menu which caught your reviewer's eye. It was served has glass of hot milk froth and a small saucer of shaved Belgium chocolate. All that was required was to pour the chocolate into the milk and stir. This was a fine chocolate indeed and flavour was characteristically Belgian. This was great way to drink a pleasing hot chocolate and only four dollars.

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