Saturday, April 24, 2010

J-Hit Café

After viewing the new signs put up in this Cafe Merkel has concluded that the names is actually J-Hit Cafe. For some time this review was listed has T-Hit Cafe, but J-Hit seems to make a lot more sense for those java junkies.

This is a new Café at 279 Pluteney Street, Adelaide. It does not look quite finished but there are enough tables and provision to provide a good lunch. There are a limited range of sandwiches available and there are a couple of curries on menu. Most importantly there is an espresso machine. There was some advertising available suggesting organic, free trade coffee was served at J-Hit.

The hot chocolate came in a large mug. It was topped with a bubbly brown froth. The flavour of the hot chocolate was a little different than usual. I am not sure whether this was an organic chocolate or had been contaminated with coffee. It was not unpleasant. The cost of the fare was inexpensive the hot chocolate was probably only three dollars but the price was not evident on the menu.

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