Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Cycads Restaurant

"The Cycads" is the restaurant for the Best Western Elkira Resort Motel at 65 Bath Street, Alice Springs. This is a pleasant night-time venue with plenty of seating inside and outside in their garden. It has good menu of local and imported produce and provides friendly tables service.

The hot chocolate cost $4.00 and came in a Piazza D’Oro mug. This decorative white ceramic mug has the logo on the outside drinker-facing position and the company logo “L’Artista Dell’Espresso” appears facing the drinker on the inside of the cup. Babelfish translates this as the "The Artist of the Express" which seems to describe a resident painter on a train service however it is more likely something to do with the art of making coffee. The hot chocolate was topped with a white froth and a sprinkle of chocolate powder. It was rich and creamy enough and provided a good chocolate flavour.

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