Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thea Tea Shop

Thea is another café on the Adelaide Vegans website. Like Zen House and Joy Discovery Centre it has soothing music, a calming atmosphere and an interesting variety of meals. The wide range of tea's come in tall glasses and the service is efficient. Thea is at 110 Gawler Place in the Adelaide CBD.

There was not something on the menu labelled as a hot chocolate but there was a "Chocolate Black" listed on the menu of teas which attracted your reviewer's attention. It was a mixture of tea and chocolate and came in the tall tea glass. The top was a little frothy although it was not your usual cappuccino froth. The drink was not as creamy or rich as a good hot chocolate but the tea flavour made it an interesting drink nevertheless. It cost $3.50 for regular glass or $4.50 for a bigger glass.
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