Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hudsons at the Airport

There is a Hudsons cafe near the International Arrivals area of Adelaide Airport. It is the only café in the area unless you want to go through the metal detection gates and look around the rest of the terminal. The café sells the normal Hudons sandwiches and provides coffees and hot chocolate. Unfortunately patrons have to put up with paper cups. Your reviewer has noted this before in airports. Perhaps there is a fear that someone could hijack an airplane using a ceramic cup.

The small hot chocolate costs $3.40 for and came in a paper cup. A marshmallow was offered but was extra. The drink was topped with a creamy froth and was reminiscent of the Belgian flavour of the other Hudsons reviewed here but the flavour was not strong enough and was disappointing compared with the other Hudsons venues.

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