Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wilson's Organics has Moved

Wilson's Organics has moved around the corner from its location in Gouger Street to 11 Market Street. The new location is brighter and more polished than the old venue and still displays artworks on its walls. It still has a Café and does healthy organic meals.

The hot choclate this time came in a mug with non-matching saucer and an elegant tea-spoon. It was topped with plenty of white froth and a sprinkle of chocolate powder. The froth was piled above the level for the mug. Your reviewer lowered the level of the drink before taking the photo. The drink was not too sweet which seems to be and advantage of organic Cafes. The flavour was richer and tastier than the previous visit. The cost was $4.50.


  1. Wilson's used to sell these chocolates wrapped in different coloured cellophane, does anyone know what they're called or where I can find them?

  2. Can't seem to get to the Wilson's web site at the moment (October 2011) which is odd. I hope it is still around. There are items I can buy from them online that other shops don't tend to ship. They have also had nation wide shipping of organic food for a very long time now...they were an "early adopter" of web stores, and it was SO early on in the web, that their PC server was IN the shop (not on a hosted site) least as late as 2002. When we lived in the Adelaide suburbs, we used to get most of our groceries from them...delivered straight from them to our home (sent a fax and got the food).

    When I was in hospital they were a godsend to me. I was able to got food delivered from them into the hospital, that I can eat. I don't tolerate pestacide/herbacide, etc..sprays at all anymore. THey make me feel very ill and I get big deep nasty blisters. So Wilson's was a necessity whilst I was in hospital. I can only safely eat VERY clean organic food anymore (thanks to a childhood high in 2-4D and dirty pulp mills.

    The RAH does not honestly cater to *ANY* dietary health requirements at all in a real way. If you have serious (life threatening) allergies, and are too ill to check everything you eat for will need a HELPER, to make sure you don't get seriously hurt from their food. Better to get your own food brought in. You will probably get well faster anyway as their food has no real nutrition in to. They serve a diet that is in every way, what we are being told is BAD FOR PEOPLE, and causes ill health. High sugar, high sodium, lots of odd additives, and over processed.

    Hospitals don't tend to cook their own food anymore. They "outsource" it all, even though it costs LESS to cook REAL FOOD yourself (Jamie Oliver has proved that as a fact, in the schools in several countries now).

    But they are lazy. It would take a change back to the old days when they had real cooks and a real kitchen and real food. These days they do not make their own food other than to warm up a premade meal. Everything gets shipped in in plastic containers (which by the way DO cause cancer. It has been well established that plastics cause cancer cells to grow all on their own, since the 1980s.

    What they give their patients, is garbage food, ALL extremely processed, and highly artificial. Their "ice cream" (for instance) contains no dairy and lots of sugar and preservatives. They do not properly deal with things like diabetes, reactive hypoglycemia, gluten free, celiac, lactose intolerance, nut allergies, seafood allergies, etc.

    If you have health issues related to your diet, you will need to ORDER YOUR FOOD IN, or BRING IT WITH YOU.

    Their nurses are a joke too. I spent my second week in hospital (recovering after surgery) hauling nurses away from gossiping to help patients in dire straights. They ignored the fact I was bleeding into my belly (and out my backside) for 5 days of my telling them about it several times a day...and I lost 5 units of blood before my surgery as a result.

    Nearly all the good experienced nurses quit during Howard's time in power. They were horribly underpaid and overworked. Now what they have are brand new "gelco" nurses (with too little training to insert an NG tube or fix a drain tube) all on hire from services - with 2 or 4 good nurses on each floor (at the most). It took them three days to mange to get a nurse in to my room to spend ten minutes showing me how to deal with my drain tube and bad at home. The guy next to me got blood poisoning because they never got around to changing his IV (the one he did not need).