Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ivia Espresso

Ivia Espresso is a café at 27 King William Road north of the main shopping precinct on that road and the Red Door Bakery.  It provides plenty of comfortable seating inside and on the footpath beside the paved road.  Merkel and Myrtle visited there for a light lunch.  There was a good range of sandwiches and salads and a few specialty meals.  The calculation of the bill was incorrect but was sorted out in good humour.

The hot chocolate came in a glass with a wire handle.  It was topped with a light froth and a semi-circle of chocolate powder.  The drink was light and milky and not particularly rich.  The cost was $3.30 for a regular and $4.30 for a medium all though I am not certain that was what was charged because of the confusion over the bill.

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