Sunday, February 2, 2014

Colin&Co King William Rd

Jones the Grocer has disappeared and been replaced by another outlet of Colin&Co.  The new Colin&Co Café is at 123 King William Road, Hyde Park.  It is the same layout as Jones the Grocer but they do not sell the groceries of the previous owner.  It is now a table service Café with attentive waitresses.

Your reviewer ordered the iced chocolate.  This was served in a thick glass in fairly rough style.  It was topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a dump of chocolate powder on top.  The chocolate sauce tasted good and was not too sweet.  The milk was nice and cold.  The cost was $5.60.

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  1. Dear Mr Marmaduke

    I see you have expanded your range of reviews to include iced chocolate. I approve, given that I have no taste for hot beverages, but plenty for cold ones, and iced chocolate, in the current climate, goes down very agreeably.

    I look forward to further examples of your work in this new arena.

  2. Thank you Mr Smith

    You may find a have done a number of iced chocolate reviews here over the years. This year's hot summer has been ideal time for them.

    Lord Merkel Marmaduke