Friday, September 10, 2010

De Luca's on the Park

This coffee shop is at 24 Hindmarsh Square on the ground floor of the huge new Crowne Plaza Hotel. It provides light lunches and a good coffee menu. There is about a dozen tables inside and a couple outside. It is also an internet hot spot.

The chocolate comes in the $3.90, $4.40 and $4.90 prices. For $3.90 I received the hot chocolate in a glass with a white froth and a liberal sprinkling chocolate powder on top. The chocolate powder covered the top of the drink except for a little heart shape which appeared white from the froth below. Another neat touch was that the chocolate mixture had been applied to the glass before the milk had been added so that the lower part of the glass appeared dark and the upper part appeared light. This was a technique that had been used at Mary Martin's. The problem with this was that it had to be stirred to get a rich chocolate flavour and this destroyed the presentation. It was worth the stir though because the flavour was good.

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