Friday, September 3, 2010

More Hudsons

Wakefield Hospital, Choc Duo
The hot chocolate at Hudsons at Ashford Hospital was so good that Merkel went to Hudsons at Wakefield Hospital to have another taste. It seems inconceivable a few years ago that he would go to a hospital cafeteria out of choice but such is the improvement of commercial vendors in hospitals these days. The Wakefield foyer at 270 Wakefield Street is not as impressive as Ashford but the same Hudsons offering was available.

The Belgian hot chocolate was on offer but this time Merkel felt he should try the Choc Duo of the benefit of his readers. This was listed as a mix of dark chocolate and white chocolate. Alas, this diluted the true Belgian flavour of the hot chocolate and while it was pleasant it was not a drink Merkel would rave over. The drink came in the same mug and finish as the Ashford hot chocolate and cost a little extra at $3.60 for the cup or $4.30 for the mug. Merkel was left to ponder the age old question "If I eat equal amounts of dark chocolate and white chocolate, is that a balanced diet?".

Currie Street, Irish Cream
Merkel also visited the Hudsons outlet at 41 Currie Street in the city. It is a small place doing a big takeaway trade. It has six or so tables inside and bar with stools. It also has a couple of tables outside.

Not put off from experimenting for the benefit of his readers, Merkel ordered the hot chocolate with a shot of Irish Cream. This was $3.80 for the mug plus 60 cents for the Irish Cream. It is a good combination that Merkel has had elsewhere and the flavour did not overpower the Belgian chocolate taste.

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