Monday, September 27, 2010

Redundant Umbrellas

Your reviewer has observed a number of Cafes in Adelaide that have redundant umbrellas. A redundant umbrella is an umbrella that serves no purpose except perhaps for advertising. A redundant umbrella stops no rain and it stops no direct sunlight. One of the first examples of this noted by your reviewer was in the Adelaide railway station. The Jaspers Cafe and Shunters have umbreallas set up in the main grand auditorium of the station. Another good example of redundant umbrellas is the Adelaide Central Market Plaza. This is completely enclosed has a number of dining areas that have been reviewed in this blog. In particular the Charlie’s Coffee Lounge and the Lamb Spit BBQ proudly erect umbrellas in places that none of the outside weather can reach.

To document this phenomenon your reviewer took his camera, normally used for the purpose of photographing hot chocolates, and snapped a few examples. Here we have the Cumberland Arms Hotel with its “James Squire” umbrellas under its veranda and the Strata Bar with its “Pure Blonde” umbrellas in its veranda.

The next photo shows the umbrellas outside of Pondok Bali. It could be argued the two umbrellas at its entrance are ornamental umbrellas rather than redundant umbrellas, but that seems to be splitting hairs.

The next photo is the very grand auditorium of Naylor House on Pulteney Street. Several floors up in this auditorium has a roof which covers the whole area. On the ground in the auditorium is So Fresh Cafe which has four “Brazilia” umbrellas. Do not be fooled by the trees. This Cafe is completely internal.


  1. Great blog! Well written and quite engaging. I am glad I have stumbled across it as I'll look forward to your next posts.

  2. Mate the So fresh Cafe one ...
    the umbrellas is for the Sun ...if ur smart there is a glass roof ...which lets light through
    its hot in there ...
    i work in there
    Btw its a Great shop Best food ever