Friday, November 26, 2010


Merkel returned to Lena's for a quick lunch in the foyer now called the Lobby on Waymouth at 11 Waymouth Street. This placed used to be called The Precinct. The hot chocolate came in a Vittoria glass with a wire handle. Merkel has speculated elsewhere that the etching of the name "Vittoria" on the glass could not be characterised as either facing toward or away from the right handed drinker because the handle would probably rotate. Merkel can now confirm that the handle does not easily rotate but it does come off completely with a bit of pressure and reattaches just as easily. This confirms that the Vittoria glass is neither drinker-facing or viewer-facing.

The hot chocolate at Lena's was much the same as before. It was rich enough once stirred and cost $3.20

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