Friday, November 12, 2010

Places Merkel Returns To

While Merkel tries to review new Cafes all the time for his readers, he does sometimes return to his more favourite venues. Here is a summary of a few he has returned to recently.

Café Delicieuse
Café Delicieuse is an under-rated but good Café. This time the hot chocolate was served in a glass with napkin wrapped around it. This was a different presentation to the mug Merkel had on the previous visit. It had a white froth and a sprinkle of chocolate powder on top but it was a dark chocolate flavour and not too sweet.

Return to One Ate Five
Merkel and Myrtle visited Tandoori Square for a lunchtime curry recently. Unfortunately they do not do a hot chocolate so they sat outside in Victoria Square and Merkel went next door to One Ate Five for the hot chocolate. The curries were good and the square was a nice place to sit on a sunny day. One Ate Five still does a good hot chocolate for only three dollars.

The Atrium, Intercontinental
The Atrium is an atmospheric venue. The hot chocolate is $6.00 glass which was hot to the fingertips. It had a creamy froth and sprinkle of chocolate powder but was not sufficiently special for the price. This time there were not biscuits served with the drink.

Funk Victoria Square
This is a great cafe in a foyer. It is nice to sit in, with plenty of views of Victoria Square. It is apparently a”Green” environmentally friendly building. After availing himself of the amenities Merkel noticed a sign saying the recycled water was in use. Merkel hopes the sign was referring to the indoor fountain and not the toilets. The hot chocolate was still $3.20 was a good Funk standard.

La Piazza
Merkel asked for the Cioccolata Italiana at La Piazza in the expectation that it might be the thick Italian hot chocolate he has enjoyed previously. The hot chocolate came in glass with a handle quite similar to the Cioconat served at Viva Espresso. The hot chocolate was very similar to Cioconat and the Ciocciato hot chocolate served at Café Bravo. It was richer than most hot chocolates but was not quite the thicker variety of Italian Hot Chocolates.

Merkel and Mytrle returned to Lars on King William Road one evening for a hot chocolate and dessert. The hot chocolate came in a glass with a handle with a pink and a white marshmallow in the saucer. The drink was topped with a creamy froth and a sprinkle of chocolate powder. It had a rich taste and cost $4.00.

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