Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Café Etc

A Café Etc is at 67 Jetty Rd Brighton on the South Side somewhere between Ninos and the Edge Delicatessen. Whoever set up this café was a serious collector of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia. It is everywhere and the huge mural on a Marilyn on the wall is testament to someone's dedication to the film icon. The Café provide a good range of meals including salads, crepes and focaccias. The tables and chairs are solid wood and are available both inside and outside.
A Café Etc had Italian Chocolate on the menu. Your reviewer is enthusiastic to add more venues to list of places to get an Italian hot chocolate so jumped at the opportunity to try this one. It was good thick Italian chocolate; possibly one of the thickest. It was topped with a dollop of froth which was a bit ineffectual for such a rich drink. The whipped cream provided by Cibo is a better accompaniment. The Italian Chocolate cost $5.00.

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