Saturday, August 1, 2009

Italian Hot Chocolate

After his pleasurable experience sampling Italian hot chocolate your reviewer thought some research was in order to study where else to get such a treat in Adelaide.

I can recommend the Adelaide Coffee Bar from the earlier review. Other locations serving this delicacy in Adelaide are:
Al Fresco East End, Adelaide
Swiss Glory, Victoria Square Entrance to the Adelaide Central Market
Caffe L'Incontro, Gays Arcade, Adelaide
How Sweet It Is
Cibo Espresso (Various Outlets)
Caffe Buongiorno (Norwood Outlet)
A Cafe Etc, Brighton
The Mac Factory, Adelaide
The Grind@Central

The East coast of Australia seems to be better served with Italian Hot Chocolate places as discussed in Kokopop's Search for Italian Hot Chocolate. "Glutton Dressed as Lamb" on the West coast has resorted to making his own.

After some time searching for Italian Hot Chocolate places, your reviewer can verify that those venues listed above provide an Italian Hot Chocolate. Swiss Glory only does it in colder weather. Your reviewer heard that Martini's at Norwood server an Italian Hot Chocolate in the evenings but your reviewer has not been able to verify this.

An excellent source of Italian Hot Chocolates is the Cibo Espresso chain. Some Cibo outlets do not provided these in the hotter weather. The outlets on Rundle Street, Gouger Street, Hutt Street and Hyde Park all provided a thick Italian hot chocolate when reviewed.

Your reviewer has come across a category of rich hot chocolates that he classes as almost in the Italian hot chocolate but not quite. These are generally hot chocolates from powders that are not quite the thick consistency of good Italian hot chocolate. These are Ciocatto at Cafe Bravo, Coconat at Viva Espresso, the Ciocolatto Italiano and La Piazza Cafe and the hot chocolate at Chianti Classico.

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