Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hot Chocolate Haiku Continues

Dear readers, you may have thought you had seen the last of hot chocolate Haiku after the previous postings on this poetry form. I have to draw your attention to a website which includes a seven verse Haiku and a recipe for French Hot Chocolate. The Haiku verse includes
Back at the cottage
Steaming hot choc'late awaits
The fire ablaze

Myrtle points out that the last line has only four syllables unless you pronounce "fire" with two. This did not stop her trying to deliver the recipe on the website with some variations.

The recipe called for 2 ½ squares of chocolate. We were not sure how much 2 ½ squares of chocolate was. Different chocolates have different sized squares. We checked out some other internet recipes and figured that 100g of chocolate should be enough and we added vanilla essence to taste. In the end we were in too much of a hurry to whip the cream. So it probably was not much like the original recipe after those variations but it produced a creamy, chocolate drink with a pleasant sweetness.

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