Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stax, Waymouth

Stax at 36 Waymouth Street is modern café with plenty of seating on two stories and sells a range for sandwiches and salads. This outlet of Stax is bigger than the one I reviewed previously and has a bigger menu.

Stax on Waymouth Street offered a range of hot chocolates in standard, medium and large sizes. Along with the standard hot chocolate Stax offered white hot chocolate and a mint hot chocolate. The Vienna hot chocolate appealed to your reviewer on this day. The drink was $4.30 and was only available in the medium size. It came in a huge mug with mountain of whipped cream and cocoa sprinkled on top. The hot chocolate was milky but had a good chocolaty taste, although there was sediment left at the bottom. This was only the second Vienna chocolate reviewed in this blog. This one impressed because of a lighter whipped cream than the Lunch Club offering.

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