Friday, August 21, 2009

Chianti Classico

The Adelaide Review is a free monthly journal that is often available in Cafes and other shops. "Notes on Adelaide from the Long Lunch in Hutt Street" is a regular column by Alistair C in this journal which takes a satirical look at Adelaide's establishment and the issues of the day. Chianti Classico on Hutt Street rates a frequent mention in this column and you can imagine this is where the people in Adelaide with time and money to spare may choose to dine.

The service and surroundings in this restaurant are excellent. I imagine the menu is good and the wine racks on display suggest the wine list is extensive. Your reviewer, however was here for one reason, to sample the Italian Hot Chocolate. He also ordered a dessert that was tasty but miniscule, costing $14.50.

The hot chocolate was $4.90 and came in good sized ceramic cup with no marshmallows. It was presented with a tasty brown froth with a cocoa stripe through the middle. The taste was full and rich. It certainly stood up to the standard hot chocolates your reviewer has tasted however it did not meet the expectation of a thick Italian Chocolate that had been set by the Italian hot chocolate at the Adelaide Coffee Bar or even the homemade Fräus hot chocolates. Your reviewer did however receive a free takeaway hot chocolate for the road because the staff had an excess after the first one. A gesture that was much appreciated.
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