Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Grind@Central

In the heart of the Adelaide Central Market is a shop called The Grind. It specialises in selling dry coffee and tea as well as accessories but it also does a small trade in hot chocolate mixes. Patrons can sit at one of the four seats on either side of the stall and enjoy a beverage from The Grind. Of special interest to the readers of this Blog are the Arkadia organic chocolate mixes and the packets of Fraüs European hot chocolate. Your reviewer was attracted to thick Italian hot chocolate in a mixer with the Cioconat label on the outside.

The Grind staff measured out a small paper cup of the thick chocolate for $2.80 for your reviewer. It came with a plastic spoon which could stand vertically in the mixture without tipping over showing that it indeed was a thick hot chocolate. The taste was delicious, thick and smooth, worthy to be added to our list of Italian hot chocolates.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bakery on O'Connell

I did an earlier posting reviewing Enjoy Café Bakery a reader noted that Bakery on O'Connell is also open 24 hours. This is a big venue with plenty of pies, pasties, cakes and other food for sale. There is plenty of comfortable seating inside and some tables out on the O'Connell Street footpath. The Bakery proudly promotes the availability of infamous pie floater.

The hot chocolate came in a glass mug and saucer with two marshmallows. The drink was topped with a heap of creamy froth and sprinkle of chocolate powder. I am not sure whether it was by accident or by design, but the marshmallows were also sprinkled with chocolate powder. The chocolate flavour was good and the drink cost $3.20.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Waffle's Waffles and Coffee

The apostrophe befer the "s" in "Waffle's" suggests this shop is owned by Mr or Ms Waffle. Either that or it is just another apostrophe catastrophe. Waffle's makes good waffles and they have a few savoury things on the menu too. It is in a narrow shop in the picturesque set of buildings around 20 Leigh Street, Adelaide. The seats and surroundings inside are comfortable.

After a good experience at Waffle King, Merkel was hoping for some Belgian hot chocolate. Alas the hot chocolate offering was good but not a Belgian hot chocolate. The drink was served in a LaVazza coffee cup and saucer and had a white froth and sprinkle of chocolate powder on top. The drink was smooth and creamy and cost $3.20.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Station City Café

Merkel and Myrtle returned Station City Café is in Station Arcade which runs from 52 Hindley Street through to the tunnel under North Terrace to the Adelaide Railway Station. The Café provides reasonably priced meals such has sandwiches and hamburgers. There a small number of tables inside and in the arcade.

The hot chocolate is now $3.10 and comes in a tall glass with a handle. It had plenty of white froth and a sprinkle of chocolate on top. The drink was more chocolaty this time and is good value for the price.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Pantry on Egmont

The Pantry is located on 2 Egmont Avenue, tucked away in suburb of Hawthorn. It is an old building looking over the railway line which is lined with trees. Merkel and Myrle enjoyed breakfast there one morning. The small venue with table service was crowded with most table inside and and a couple outside. The venue is cozy with artwork on the walls and plenty of retro touches.

The hot chocolate was on the menu as a custom blend of organic cocoa and raw sugar. It was served with estate crockery and teaspoon. It was topped with a white froth and a sprinkle of cocoa and had an excellent dark chocolate flavour. The cost was $3.50.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


According to babelfish "abri eaux" is French for shelter water, which makes it the French equivalent of Quiet Waters. The resemblance between these to cafes stops there though. Abrieaux has taken over the shop previously known as Serves you Right which now has been added to the disappearing hot chocolate venues list. Abrieux is a small Café with a number of round black tables inside and a full bookshelf on one wall with its books sorted according to the colour of their covers. Merkel and Myrtle were there for breakfast and the Cafe does good eggs and muesli.

The hot chocolate comes in a good sized ceramic cup, topped with a white froth and a liberal sprinkling of chocolate powder. The drink was creamy and chocolaty and cost $3.90.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Burgundy Snack Bar

The Burgundy Snack Bar does an excellent hot chocolate for a corner snack bar. It only has a couple of tables inside and three tables outside, so patrons might find it a bit chilly in the cold whether. It had a good rich dark chocolate flavour in a decorative glass and it is only three dollars.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Further West along Hindley Street from Quiet Waters is another middle eastern restaurant called Jerusalem. It also has been established a long time. The décor is down-market with the plastic bench seats and has not changed much over the years. The tent effect ceiling is still there and but the fabric of tent does seemed to have changed over the years. This restaurant provides good tasting cheap kebabs, kaftas and felafel with out much pretence about the service.

The hot chocolate comes in small ceramic cup. There is no froth, and it is a sweet and fairly insipid chocolate milk for only $2.50.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quiet Waters

The Quiet Waters Lebanese restaurant, downstairs at 75 Hindley Street, has been an Adelaide institution for as long as I can remember. Other venues in Hindley Street have changed ownership regularly but this restaurant has stayed as a family owned business for the duration. There are plenty of good tasting kebabs, kaftas, felafel and dips here.

The hot chocolate came in a tall glass with handle topped with a white froth and a sprinkle of chocolate powder. The colour was pale and drink was weak and not particularly creamy. The cost was $4.20.
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Merkel Returns to More Cafes

As once before I have run out of new places to visit and new chocolate drinks to try. So here is a summary of some of the places that were good enough for me to return to.

This one is pretty close to where I do my day job and I got a good photo of the froth decoration.


This is in the Regent Arcade. The hot chocolate has gone up from $3.20 to $3.50. Patrons get one marshmallow not two and the froth design is a bit different. The hot chocolate is still good and rich.
83 on Currie

The Iced Chocolate is $4.30 which includes ice cream cream and whipped cream. It was more chocolaty than last time.  83 on Currie do Jaffa hot chocolate for $3.40. It has a good orange flavour but could have been more chocolaty.


This was pretty busy around 12:30 but still provided prompt service. The hot chocolate came in glass with a white froth and syrup decoration. It was rich and not too sweet and cost $3.20.

The cost was $3.40 and the presentation was not that great. The drink not that chocolaty.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blackwood Bakery & Espresso Bar

Your reviewer is a bit confused about the identity of this bakery as it is listed in various sources under the title above but there is a sign out the front that says "Leabrook Bakery". Blackwood is nowhere near Leabrook. This is not unusual as the various locations of the Lobethal Bakeries are not in Lobethal. Your reviewer will stick with "Blackwood Bakery & Espresso Bar" as it may be that the Leabrook Bakery provides the goods for this outlet. This is a small shop with about 3 tables inside and 3 tables outside. It is near the Blackwood roundabout and the Artisan Café.

The hot chocolate comes in big Aroma Fresh coffee cup and saucer. It is topped with a heap of fluffy froth and a dusting of chocolate powder. The drink had a rich chocolate flavour although was a bit sweet for your reviewer's preference. The hot chocolate cost $3.20.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Waffle King

Following a tipoff from Kelly in an earlier posting, Merkel ventured to 85 Sturt Road, Dover Gardens to the newly established Waffle King. This is a small shop selling Belgian waffles and crepes. What attracted Merkel to this place was the chocolate fountain of Belgian chocolate. Also on the menu are Belgian chocolate fondues. There is no doubting the authenticity of the cuisine as patrons are greeted by the Belgian chef.

The hot chocolate was served in a frosted glass with a wire handle. Decorative patterns where the chocolate was drizzled into the glass could be seen through the glass walls. The drink was topped with a white froth and a sprinkle of chocolate powder. The hot chocolate had to be stirred thoroughly to mix the chocolate with the milk which necessarily destroys the chocolate patterns. Even then, the chocolate flavour could have been stronger, although the Belgian flavour was unmistakable. Merkel will ask for a stronger mix next time. The cost was $4.90.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

RedSalt Restaurant

The Red Salt is Crowne Plaza's name for its restaurant at many locations. Merkel and Myrtle visited Red Salt in Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide. This is a fine restaurant with cloth napkins and attentive table service. The $25 two course meal is good value for an upmarket lunch. The seating is comfortable and the view through glass walls over Hindmarsh Square is pleasant.

The hot chocolate came in a tall glass with a handle and saucer. Two marshmallows were provided with the saucer. The drink was decorated with a white froth, a sprinkle of chocolate powder and small chocolate syrup design. Your reviewer unfortunately did not have his camera handy. There chocolate syrup decoration did not make the drink too sweet and the chocolate flavour was good. The hot chocolate cost four dollars.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Charlie's Place, Vienna

Your reviewer returned to Charlie's Place in the Adelaide Central Market recently. This time it was to try the Vienna hot chocolate. This came in a glass mug and saucer with a pink and a white marshmallow in the saucer. The drink was topped with whipped cream and a dusting of chocolate powder. The hot chocolate was not too sweet and had a good chocolate flavour which is important for a Vienna hot chocolate otherwise the cream overpowers the drink. The cost was $3.80.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Viva Sustainable Food

Viva is a chain of three gourmet food stores in South Australia and seems to be nothing to do with Viva Espresso. Merkel and Mytrle visit the North Adelaide store at the back of the North Adelaide Village arcade on O'Connell Street. An Un Caffe Bar outlet and Café Paesano are at the front of this arcade. The store is mainly a gourmet grocery but also provides rolls, soup and hot beverages. There are four tables in the arcade which can be a bit chilly in cold weather.

The hot chocolate came in a glass on a saucer. It was topped with a white froth and a sprinkle of chocolate powder. The drink had a good chocolate flavour and was not too sweet. It cost $3.20.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Liquid Espresso

Liquid Espresso at 1/181 Grange Road Findon is a surprisingly well appointed café for this part of the Adelaide suburbs. It has a good food and beverage menu and comfortable seating inside with a couple of tables outside as well.

The standard hot chocolate is $3.80. The indulgence hot chocolate with flavourings and marshmallows is only $4.00. Your reviewer chose Irish Cream flavouring. The drink was well presented with a brown froth and a chocolate syrup design on top of the tall glass with a handle. This was chocolaty with good Irish Cream flavouring but it was definitely one for a sweet tooth. Two pink marshmallows were provided in the saucer.
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Argo Hellenic Café Restaurant

Merkel and Myrtle visited Port Adelaide and had a look at the lighthouse and the Markets. They had lunch at the Argo Greek Restaurtant. This has table service at 45 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide. It provides a range of good Greek meals. The fish and the souvlaki were great.

The hot chocolate came in a tall glass with a handle. It was piled high with fluffy white froth with a dusting of chocolate powder. The chocolate flavour was good and not too sweet. The cost was $4.00.
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Drawn Like a Magnet to ChurrOz

It is time again for Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Merkel and Myrtle saw a great performance by The Magnets. This six-voice a capella group. This is not traditional a capella singing as it relies heavily on the vocal beatbox gymnastics of Andy Frost. They sing mostly covers but the new arrangements all add something to the originals. This is essential when you have deep male voices doing unaccompanied covers of Blondie and Lady Gaga. The Magnets also took "Lets Dance" by David Bowie to a whole new dimension, creating something that eclipsed the original.

After the show, Merkel and Mytrle returned to ChurrOz on the food court that is established for the Cabaret Festival in front of the Festival Centre. They enjoyed the churros again, but ChurrOz also had thick chilli hot chocolate on offer. This was a great drink on a cold night and cost $4.00.  This was served with no adornment in a regular paper cup.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

VPs Gourmet Food

Utzi and Jardines at the Burnside Village shopping centre have been reviewed in this blog before. VPs Gourmet Food can be found in shop 61b of the Burnside Village. It is a small Café with seating inside, in the mall and outside. They have a good range of sandwiches and breakfasts.

The hot chocolate came in a ceramic cup and saucer and was finished with a white froth and a sprinkle of chocolate powder. A pink and a white marshmallow came in the saucer. The chocolate flavour was good and the cost was $3.40. The standard of the Burnside Village hot chocolates are all pretty good without being outstanding.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Griffins Head

The Griffins Head (or just "The Griffins") is an old hotel in Hindmarsh Square that has had many renovations and was popular spot for eating on a Friday lunchtime. It provides good hotel meals with fast friendly service. There is plenty of seating inside and under the large verandahs.

The hot chocolate came in a stemmed glass with a handle. There were two marshmallows provided in the saucer. The hot chocolate was topped with a brown froth and a sprinkle of chocolate powder. The drink was well presented but the chocolate flavour was lacking. The hot chocolate cost four dollars.
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chocolate Bean, Iced

The Chocolate Bean provides a big variet of hot chocolates. Your reviewer has now tried the hot chocolates, the chocolate soup and the chocolate tea at this venue. It was time to try the iced chocolate even though it was freezing day with light rain.

I ordered a "Chocolate Icy". I chose the dark chocolate version with aniseed flavour. This came in a tall glass with melted chocolate patterns on the inside of the glass. The chocolate hardens in a decorative pattern. It must be a challenge to clean such a glass but the effect is very decorative. The drink was topped with whipped cream and chocolate powder. Finely crushed ice is through the drink. Although I object to ice cubes in iced chocolate but the finely crushed ice was quite easy to take. The flavour of the chocolate was rich dark Belgian chocolate and the aniseed flavour was a good complement to this. The cost was $5.20.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fiefy's Iced

Fiefy's does a great dark Belgian hot chocolate, whether it is plain, chilli or jaffa. Fiefy is one of the few proprieters who recognise Merkel & Myrtle when they visit. On the most recent visit Merkel tried Fiefy's Iced Chocolate. This was a fairly plain presentation. It was served in a tall glass and had a consistent light brown colour. It was topped with vanilla ice cream and a sprinkle of chocolate powder. The Belgian chocolate flavour was good and rich. The iced chocolate cost $6.50.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Old Gold Kitchen Adventure

It has been a while since I reported any experiences in the kitchen making hot chocolate. There are just too many places to find hot chocolates that I drink at home infrequently. However recently Myrtle made a good hot chocolate using 8 squares of Cadbury Old Gold 70% cocoa chocolate. The chocolate was melted in the microwave and then blended with a cup of warm milk. It was not quite as smooth as the Mexique chocolate at Chocolate @ No 5 but it had a similar dark chocolate flavour and bitterness.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Organic Market and Café, Stirling

Merkel and Myrtle made the trip up to Stirling in the Adelaide Hills one fine Sunday morning. They visited the Organic Market and Café at 5 Druid Avenue. This is a pleasant Café amongst the trees off the main road. It was busy with families and cyclists but the couple found a seat and enjoyed muesli and a friand.

The hot chocolate came in white ceramic cup and saucer. It was nicely decorated with a white froth, a flower pattern and a semicircle of chocolate powder. The drink was creamy and no doubt organic but could have been more chocolaty. The cost was $3.50.
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Au Matin Calme, Dark

Myrtle and I returned to the Au Matin Calme for an omelette for breakfast. Of course the main motive for me was to try another hot chocolate on the menu. This time I tried the dark hot chocolate. As last time it came in a small mug with the label "Un Tasse de Caffe" which translates to "A coffee cup". This was interesting because it was more mug than cup and it held hot chocolate not coffee. This is reminiscent of the French pushing the boundaries of philosophy and art such as in Rene Magritte's painting "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" ("This is not a pipe").

I digress. The hot chocolate was good. It had a dark, reasonably rich, Belgian chocolate flavour and it was topped with a creamy froth and sprinkle of dark cocoa. The cost was $4.00.

Friday, June 3, 2011


As the name suggests, this restaurant served Spanish food. It is located at 98 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide a few doors north of the Village BakehouseEspana does a good range of Tapas and Pizza and has attentive table service. Merkel and Myrtle visited recently. Unfortunately the fish had to be sent back as it was uncooked. The lamb shanks were a good hearty meal though.
The hot chocolate came in black Grinders Giancarlo coffee cup. It had plenty of froth and line of chocolate powder on top. It was creamy and the chocolate flavour was good but could have been richer. The hot chocolate was not on the menu but probably cost four dollars.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bake Break

It has been a while since Merkel has visited the Myer Centre food court. It seems that Doc Espresso and Charlies Club Sandwich have disappeared in favour of more seating in the food court. Roco Pasta is still looks good value for a hot chocolate although the hot chocolate has risen to $2.80. Merkel had lunch at a new booth, Bake Break which was on the same site as Bakery T76. Possibly it is just a better name with the same owners, but it did seem to be run more efficiently with a good range of pies, pasties and cakes.

The hot chocolate came in a Coffex coffee cup for $3.20. There was plenty of white froth on top with a sprinkle of dark chocolate powder. The hot chocolate was rich and creamy and was an improvement from that served at Bakery T76 in 2009.