Monday, June 20, 2011

Merkel Returns to More Cafes

As once before I have run out of new places to visit and new chocolate drinks to try. So here is a summary of some of the places that were good enough for me to return to.

This one is pretty close to where I do my day job and I got a good photo of the froth decoration.


This is in the Regent Arcade. The hot chocolate has gone up from $3.20 to $3.50. Patrons get one marshmallow not two and the froth design is a bit different. The hot chocolate is still good and rich.
83 on Currie

The Iced Chocolate is $4.30 which includes ice cream cream and whipped cream. It was more chocolaty than last time.  83 on Currie do Jaffa hot chocolate for $3.40. It has a good orange flavour but could have been more chocolaty.


This was pretty busy around 12:30 but still provided prompt service. The hot chocolate came in glass with a white froth and syrup decoration. It was rich and not too sweet and cost $3.20.

The cost was $3.40 and the presentation was not that great. The drink not that chocolaty.

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