Saturday, February 23, 2013

European Cafe

Merkel and Myrtle stopped by the European Café at 219 The Parade, Norwood one evening.  This is a well-established Italian restaurant on of Adelaide's best restaurant strips.  We shared an apple and strawberry crumble which was delicious except that it was made with raspberries and seemed to have no strawberries.

The hot chocolate was served in ceramic cup and saucer advertising “64” which is a blend of Rio coffee.  The chocolate was a bit week and I discovered that most of the chocolate had coagulated in the teaspoon that had been served already in the cup.  The hot chocolate was served with a light froth with slight latte art pattern.  The hot chocolate was four dollars.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Delish Iced

Delish seems to have changed hands since they used to put their flavours of hot chocolate on the sandwich board outside this Café on Victoria Square. The hot chocolates are still available although not in the exotic flavours.  This time Merkel tried and iced chocolate and the reasonable price of $4.60. It was sweet and creamy but not that chocolaty. Still it was cooling drink on a hot day.