Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trip to the Barossa Valley

Your reviewer ventured to the Barossa Valley last weekend. The Barossa Valley is Australia's premier wine making district but Merkel was not there for the wine. He was seeing how the district fared when it came to making a good hot chocolate.

Monkey Nut Café, Lyndoch
The Monkey Nut Café is on the property of the Kies Winery. The Monkey Nut name appears on a range of the Kies wines. The building housed the Café, a cellar door sales outlet and a Tea shop.
The hot chocolate is delivered in a tall glass with a handle. The froth is decorated with some cocoa and a swirl of chocolate syrup. The hot chocolate was a Swiss milky style of chocolate. The hot chocolate was $3.70 and was delivered too hot to drink. A squirt of the chocolate syrup had been added to the chocolate making an interesting pattern on the walls of the glass which disappeared while the drink cooled.

Zinfandel Tea Rooms, Tanunda
This Café is a German style eatery serving a small range of German style meats and salads. The venue is split into three rooms and local art adorns the walls. Service is quick and efficient and the hot chocolate cost $3.50 glass mug with handle. The hot chocolate came with a small mountain of froth and sprinkle of cocoa. The drink was too weak and watery.

The Branch, Nuriootpa
The Branch is a converted bank with a large seating area. It provides evening meals as well as lunches and coffees. The atmosphere was pleasant especially as there were musicians performing when your reviewer attended.

The hot chocolate cost $3.70 and came in a generous ceramic mug. This included a bubbly froth and sprinkle of chocolate. The drink was milky and tasted a little of malt much like a Swiss hot chocolate. It was similar to the Monkey Nut hot chocolate but not as rich.
The Branch on Urbanspoon

Jacobs Creek Retreat, Tanunda
This retreat was a great place to stay. It only has a select few guests who stay in rustic cottages. The restaurant is well equipped and open to the public unless it is booked for functions. It runs many functions, particularly weddings because of the beautiful gardens throughout the retreat.

Your reviewer is not sure what this hot chocolate would have cost as it was a part of the accommodation package for the retreat. It was a darker chocolate taste than the earlier Barossa Valley hot chocolates but was too watery. It was served by the friendly waitress in glass and was too hot to hold initially. The drink was topped with a white froth and a sprinkle of chocolate in a line pattern.

Blond Coffee, Angaston
The Blond shop in Angaston is divided into "Blond Coffee" which is the coffee shop and "Blond Store" which sells exotic foods and other goods. It is in the heart of Angaston amongst picturesque buildings and gardens of the town.

The hot chocolate cost $3.50 for a regular cup for $4.80 for a bowl. This was good Belgian-style chocolate and drinking it from a thick ceramic bowl was a delight. The bowl had rubber areas where you could hold it and not get your fingers burnt, although the chocolate was not so hot that this would have been a problem. There was plenty of white froth and a sprink of cocoa on top.

Blond Coffee was the pick of the Barrossa Valley hot chocolates and made the Barrossa trip worthwhile from the hot chocolate point of view. From another point of view a rustic retreat, beautiful scenery, friendly people and frequent wine tasting also gave this trip much appeal.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Café Jenson 145

As you walk from the Victoria Square in the centre of Adelaide through the arcade to the Central Market you will hit Café Jenson 145 on your left as the arcade opens out to the market area. The café has been there a long time and is in a little need of sprucing up. There is plenty of seating inside. The Café Jenson serves a range of meals and also can provide a hot chocolate for $3.50 or a Vienna chocolate at $4.50.

Merkel chose the $3.50 hot chocolate which came in generous Griffiths coffee mug. It came with froth and a sprinkle of chocolate on top but no marshmallows. The quantity was good value for $3.50 but the taste was not chocolaty enough for your reviewer.

Monday, September 28, 2009

QC on Angas

This is a little Café on the ground floor of the new law court building on the South-East corner of Victoria Square. It has a few tables crowded into the main area and some sheltered seating outside. On one wall it proudly displays the Laminex award for interior fit-outs for 2005/06. It does a number of light meals plus some standards like fish and chips and schnitzels.

The hot chocolate comes in a Vittoria glass with a wire handle. It has good froth and a liberal sprinkle of cocoa. The drink was rich but too sweet which was unfortunate because the Cafe supplied sugar and could have put less sweetening in the drink. There were no marshmallows and the cost was $3.70.

Dark Desires Blog Leader

Some time ago your reviewer reported that he was number 2 on urban spoon blog leader board. It is now my pleasure to announce that your humble Dark Desires blog has hit number 1. Urban spoon have rated those most popular blogs in Adelaide that link to their service and has found Dark Desires the most popular.

The main contender has been Meagan Abraham and her MEGalomaniac Blog who has held this accolade for some time. MEGalomaniac is an excellent food blog where Meagan shows her skills as chef, photographer and food writer.

The position of Dark Desire atop this leader board just shows it is quicker and easier to write about hot chocolates than the wonderful meals that Meagan reviews.

Hot Chocolate: Dark Desires Adelaide restaurants

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hilton Hotel

The Adelaide Hilton Hotel has a number of fine eating establishments including The Grange Restaurant, The Brasserie and Charlies Bar. It is also possible to get light lunches and coffees at the same counter as the Brasserie. They call this the Deli and there is a range of comfortable seating where your lunch can be enjoyed. The surroundings in this hotel lobby are impressive.

A baguette or a lepinja will cost nine or ten dollars and the coffee or hot chocolate will cost two dollars extra. I am not sure what the coffee or hot chocolate costs by itself. The hot chocolate came in nice big Lavazza ceramic cup with a good froth and liberal sprinkling of cocoa. Two white marshmallows were served with the hot chocolate. The drink was rich and creamy with a dark chocolate flavour.
Brasserie, Hilton Adelaide Hotel on Urbanspoon

Adelaide has two Hilton Hotels the one at Hilton on South Road is not the part of the Hilton international chain.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


This Café in Mitcham Shopping Centre is a licensed venue and has a good menu of Italian style meals. Dolci is reasonably sophisticated and the tables have panels of molten glasswork. This is meant as a stylish touch but at first glance it looks like someone has spilt their milkshake on the table.

The hot chocolate is $3.80 and comes in glass with a metal handle. It has a tasty white froth and sprinkle of chocolate and comes with a marshmallow. The drink was not mixed properly and had a large amount of sediment at the bottom. Once mixed, it had a malty milk chocolate flavour.

Friday, September 25, 2009

XO Supper Club

XO Supper Club is a new late night venue with a warm and sophisticated atmosphere. Merkel and Myrtle attended one evening to sample the hot chocolate and look at the menu. The seating was comfortable and the table service very attentive. The restaurant specialises in Tapas and food to share. On the dessert menu was Churros and dipping chocolate. This was something that caught Merkel's eye.

The hot chocolate cost $4.00 and came in a glass with delicious brown forth and a sprinkle of chocolate. The chocolate tasted Belgian and the waiter later confirmed this. While the glass was served without any protection for the fingers it was not too hot to hold. This was a good hot chocolate but not the highlight of the evening.

Churros, for readers who have not encountered these delights, are a Spanish donut. They are generally made into sticks about 10cm long and have a star-shaped cross-section. The Churros served at XO Supper Club were soft and covered with cinnamon. The dipping chocolate came in a small glass and was dark Belgian chocolate mixed with cream. The star-shaped cross section cross-section of Churros made them perfect for soaking up the melted dipping chocolate. The taste sensation was exquisite.

This venue seems to have closed and is now on the list of disappearing hot chocolate venues.
Xo Supper Club on Urbanspoon

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Café Symphony

Café Symphony is a small Café in Belair Road, Mitcham. It has some fine art work hanging on the walls and provides lunches and breakfasts. Breakfast finishes around 10:30am but the chef can be persuaded to bend the rules. This Café specialises in organic food, but where Bliss was clearly born from a Hippy counter-culture, Café Symphony is much more for the mainstream baby boomers.

The hot chocolate was $3.50 and came in a tall glass with handle. It comes with plenty of froth and a good sprinkle of cocoa. It also came with two marshmallows; a pink one and an orange one. Merkel thought the orange one was probably mango but the taste was subtle. The drink was not chocolaty enough for Merkel's taste but a different coloured marshmallow was a great innovation.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


"Dragonfly Bar and Dining" is an interesting looking venue for lunch. It has black walls and ceiling and splashes of red on curtains and drapes. This is a venue of art exhibits, late night dancing and performers at times. Dragonfly provides good table service and some fine meals. There is seating inside the venue and outside in Victoria Square.

The hot chocolate is $3.50 and comes in a chunky glass and a pink marshmallow. It is topped with a tasty brown froth and a sprinkle of chocolate. It has a good rich creamy dark chocolate taste reminiscent of the Belgian hot chocolates in earlier reviews.
Dragonfly on Urbanspoon

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gloria Jeans, 127 Rundle Mall

I tried another Gloria Jeans after the one in the book shop earlier. It is just a short distance from the one in Borders, a hundred metres down Rundle Mall close to the iconic silver balls. I had hoped to try the thick dipping chocolate they had on special previously, but alas this limited offer had stopped. Therefore I was stuck ordering the standard hot chocolate that I did not particularly enjoy last time, in those horrible paper cups.

The prices were $3.60, $4.20 and $4.70. This time I ordered a regular and they offered me marshmallows which had not been done at the previous outlet. Unfortunately they go straight into the drink. I prefer to dunk them myself. Not a particularly satisfactory experience.

Talking the Language of Chocolate

The origins of the Babel Fish are in the Douglas Adams book "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" (more on that below). Full marks are due to Yahoo for picking this idea up in the language translation program, however language translation programs are less than perfect. The standard test is to take a phrase in English, translate it to another language and translate it back to English to see how good the process is. Your reviewer tried this with the phrase
I like my hot chocolate rich and dark
The Chinese translation was pretty close:
I like my hot chocolate being rich and being dark
The Dutch and German translations got a bit off the mark:
I love my hot chocolate realms and dark (Dutch)
I like my realms and darkness of the hot chocolate (German)
The French and Italian translation had a bit of trouble getting back into English
J' love my rich person and darkness of hot chocolate (French)
Gradico my rich and dusks of the warm chocolate (Italian)
Korean and Japanese seem to be fixated on the man rather than the chocolate:
I like my hot chocolate rich man and darkness (Korean)
I like the rich person and the darkness of my cocoa (Japanese)
Some other nationalities do not fare much better:
I like the boiling hot riches and my dark of chocolate (Greek)
I have taste of my rich and darkness of the hot chocolate (Spanish)
I love my rich and the darkness of the hot chocolate (Russian)
I my rich blackness and taste of the hot chocolate (Portugese)
Lastly I thought I would translate from English to Dutch to French to Greek and back to English with the following result:
I keep the boiling hot kingdoms of my chocolate and dark

I refered to Wikipedia for the following:

The Babel Fish is small, yellow, leech-like, and is a universal translator which simultaneously translates from one spoken language to another. When inserted into the ear, its nutrition processes convert sound waves into brain waves, neatly crossing the language divide between any species you should happen to meet whilst travelling in space. Meanwhile, the poor Babel fish, by effectively removing all barriers to communication between different races and cultures, has caused more and bloodier wars than anything else in the history of creation. Arthur Dent, a surviving Earthling, commented only 'Eurgh!' when first inserting the fish into his ear canal. It did, however, enable him to understand Vogon Poetry - not necessarily a good thing. The book points out that the Babel Fish could not possibly have developed naturally, and therefore proves the existence of God as its creator. However, as Man points out, God needs faith to exist, and this proof dispels the need for faith, therefore causing God to vanish "in a puff of logic".

Monday, September 21, 2009

Jack's Fish Shack

It always seem natural to want to eat fish when you are near the Sea. Merkel and Mytle ventured to the Jack's Fish Shack last time they visited Glenelg.

The hot chocolate came in a tall glass with a handle. It cost $4.00 and came with a heap of froth and sprinkle of chocolate. It also was a mix of normal hot chocolate and chocolate syrup which was novel and gave the chocolate an interesting appearance from the outside of the glass. The chocolate syrup taste is fine in small quantities and mixed with the rest of the drink to make an enjoyable hot chocolate. Jack's Fish Shack also did a Vienna hot chocolate for $4.00.
Jack's Fish Shack on Urbanspoon

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Swiss Glory, Central Market

The Swiss Glory shop at the Victoria Square entrance to the Adelaide Central Market is mainly a chocolate shop but also sells hot chocolate. You can buy the chocolate in a shot glass for $2.10 or take it away in a cup with optional marshmallows for $3.80. Merkel took the marshmallow option. By the time he had sat down in the Asian food hall to try the hot chocolate, the marshmallows had melted. Still, this was a nice sweet topping to the rich chocolate.

The hot chocolate at Swiss Glory is of the Italian hot chocolate variety mentioned in previous postings. It was thick and rich and quite special. These hot chocolates require a special machine to keep the chocolate heated and stirred. On some hot days the machine at Swiss Glory is not turned on and the hot chocolate is not available.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Café Luna Rosso

The standard hot chocolate at Luna Rosso was $3.30 and came with a marshmallow. It came in a ceramic cup with a mountain of froth and a liberal sprinkle of chocolate. There was so much chocolate powder on top that I tasted a sediment on top of the drink rather than as more usually, at the bottom of the drink. This was not unpleasant; however the drink itself did not seem to have the same generosity of flavour.
Cafe Luna Rosso on Urbanspoon

Friday, September 18, 2009

Donut King, Citi Centre

The Donut King at the Citi Centre Arcade off Rundle Mall, Adelaide sells donuts, milk shakes and also does a reasonable hot chocolate. For $3.10 the hot chocolate can be bought as take-away or in a ceramic cup. Large sizes can be purchased at higher prices. The hot chocolate includes a good brown froth and chocolate sprinkled on top. The taste is rich but a little artificial.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Three Dollar Hot Chocolates

Here are four more, very different three dollar hot chocolates.

Pat-a-cake Bakehouse Caffe

Myrtle and Merkel enjoyed breakfast at Pat-a-cake one fine Saturday morning at 50 Duthy Street Malvern. It has a wonderful range of cakes, buns and pies. This establishment started as a retail bakery and then expanded to provide a café experience to its patrons.

The Marmadukes purchased a quiche each and Merkel ordered his normal hot chocolate. The chocolate came in a glass mug on a red saucer complete with marshmallow. The froth was good with a sprinkle of chocolate on top. The drink was delicious, creamy and chocolaty. This hot chocolate cost only three dollars and is the new leader for taste for hot chocolates available at this price.

C Coffee, Plympton

The junior Marmadukes were playing soccer early on a Sunday morning so I thought I would grab a hot chocolate from the C Coffee outlet at the BP Service station on the way. The hot chocolate was $2.95 so qualifies under the three dollar hot chocolate banner. Other sizes were available. It was in a paper cup of course. There was a small table in the corner but it did not look inviting to eat in. The chocolate was delivered with a thin froth. The drink was a good dark chocolate taste although it was bit watery.

One Ate Five

This venue is at 185 Victoria Square. This is a busy lunch place especially at 12:30 when the Eynesbury College students next door have their lunch break. It is well staffed though and they handle the crowd with efficiency. The seating inside and out is comfortable and the various sandwiches available are tasty. The hot chocolate is $3.00 for the standard or $3.50 for the vienna chocolate. The standard chocolate came in a glass mug with a creamy froth and sprinkle of cocoa. It tasted good. It was milk chocolate rather than dark chocolate.


This breakfast and lunch place is just a couple of doors down from One Ate Five above on the West side of Victoria Square. Brunch does a range of more substantial breakfasts and lunches as well as some simple fococcias and lighter meals. The surroundings are comfortable and patrons can eat inside or out on the square.

The hot chocolate came in a glass with a good froth and chocolate syrup pattern similar to that at Café Mondiali. If anything though, the pattern on this hot chocolate was neater and better executed. It was such a pity that Merkel did not have his camera on that day. Myrtle's cappuccino was also ornately patterned with chocolate syrup. Also like Café Mondiali, the glass did not have a handle so the complaint about drinking vessels burning the fingertips was also relevant on this day. There were no marshmallows but the drink itself was chocolaty and enjoyable. Another pleasant surprise was that this hot chocolate was only three dollars and therefore is a contender in the economy category of the inaugural Merkel Awards.

Brunch on Urbanspoon

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Bliss Organic Garden Café specializes in vegan, organic and fair trade foods. It is tucked away near the Adelaide Central Market on Compton Street just off Gouger Street. Around that location are a number of other organic and far trade shops. Wilson's Organic is on 57a Gouger Street. Goodies and Grains and Central Organics are in the Central Market area.

Merkel Marmaduke is not a vegan or particularly fussy about organic food. Fair Trade is an important attempt to redress the inequalities of trade in commodity goods like coffee, tea, sugar, nuts and chocolate. In his pursuit of hot chocolate knowledge, Merkel visited the Fair Trade Australia website and this is where he discovered the Bliss Café.

Merkel was most pleased to find that there were four hot chocolates on the Bliss Menu. He could have chosen the regular, the Chilli and Cardamon or the Peppermint and Lavender but he selected the Ginger Hot Chocolate as he had not experienced that before. It came in a glass with a metal handle with a good froth on top and sprinkle of chocolate. The drink was an earthy ginger flavour. This was not richly chocolaty but was a tasty, warming drink. The ginger hot chocolate and the other flavours cost $4.50.

Merkel looks forward to returning to try the other flavours. Even if you are not a vegan, organic, fair trade enthusiast this Café offers something different for the hot chocolate lover.

Bliss Organic Cafe on Urbanspoon

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Café Fibonacci

There are three eating places in the Adelaide Botanical Gardens. They are the Botanic Gardens Restaurant, the Botanic Gardens Kiosk/Cafe and Café Fibonacci. The surroundings of the Botanic Gardens are magnificent. There are many varieties of huge trees and exotic vegetation. It is a perfect setting for enjoying a hot chocolate. The offerings from Café Fibonacci are limited. On the day Merkel visited there were not savories left at the Café still he was there to try the hot chocolate.

The hot chocolate cost $3.20 and came in a small glass with a swirl of froth on the top. Unfortunately the chocolate was too hot and there was no protection for Merkel's sensitive fingers. Having fashioned some insulation from a napkin he found the taste was watery and inadequate. There are not many better settings for a poor hot chocolate.

The Inaugural Merkel Awards

Over the next couple of months information will be collated on different vendors offering hot chocolate and winners will be determined by Chief Judge, Merkel Marmaduke. Nomination from anyone are welcome through comments on this website but the judges decision will be final. Only South Australian businesses are eligible.

The categories for awards are:

Economy Class Hot Chocolate (Three dollars or less)

  • Best tasting Hot Chocolate in the category
  • Best dining experience in the category
  • Best presentation in the category
  • Best chocolate experience in the category

Specialty Hot Chocolate (Vienna, Swiss, Belgian, Chilli, Ginger, Orange, etc.)

  • Best tasting hot chocolate in the category
  • Best dining experience in the category
  • Best presentation in the category
  • Most unique specialty
  • Best chocolate experience in the category
  • Best Vienna chocolate
  • Best Italian hot chocolate

Open Category

  • Best presentation
  • Best standard hot chocolate
  • Best dining experience
  • Best chocolate experience
  • Most photogenic hot chocolate
  • Best hot chocolate (The Gold Merkel)

Kitchen Adventures award for the best home hot chocolate product

Hall of fame award for best contribution to the art of making hot chocolates

The winners will receive the glory of the award and a certificate commemorating the event. Details of nominations will be provided in the next few weeks.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Black Wattle Café

This is a comfortable breakfast and lunch place in Malvern offering a swiss hot chocolate and a Vienna hot chocolate on the menu. The swiss hot chocolate was $3.80 and came in a glass mug with a handle. Two marshmallows (white and pink) were provided. This is the first Swiss hot chocolate I have reviewed. It is not as dark and rich as some hot chocolates but was creamy and had a malt taste. After some research I learn apparently it is not a malt additive but the way the chocolate is made. According to the Chocolate Alchemy Forum:
In Swiss chocolate, they use air dried powdered milk, whereas other areas of the world (such as the US, and other areas of Europe) they use roll dried powdered milk. In roll drying milk, it's sprayed on to a hot drum where the water is boiled out of the milk. During this process, some of the sugars caramelize in the milk, giving it a caramel flavour

I have some Lindt chocolate flakes in my pantry and noticed that these also exhibit that Swiss chocolate malt or caramel taste. There are not many other Swiss hot chocolate venues in Adelaide. It would seem that Alphütte does a "Mountaineers Hot Chocolate". Like a mountaineer Merkel will have to visit Alphütte "because it is there".

Bacio Espresso

This café has good surroundings and table service. It is on the promenade level of the Myer Centre in Rundle Mall. They had hot chocolate and Vienna hot chocolate on the menu. The hot chocolate came in a Vittoria coffee cup with a good froth and sprinkle of cocoa. The taste was creamy and a fairly standard chocolate richness. The hot chocolate was $3.20 and came without marshmallows.
Bacio Espresso on Urbanspoon

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bracegirdles, Glenelg

Your intrepid reviewer ventured to the Bracegirdles outlet at Glenelg. Having had the most pleasurable experience at the Toorak Gardens outlet he was looking forward to this. Bracegirdles did not let him down. There was more seating at the Glenelg outlet and the surroundings were comfortable. It was busy on a Tuesday night but Merkel found a comfortable spot upstairs.

The hot chocolate tonight was always going to be the "Chocolate Sipper". This was listed as a decadent dessert rather than a beverage, but the concept was simple. The patron mixes melted chocolate and warm milk and sips the contents through a metal straw. The hot chocolate is melted using a single candle in a stand. At first it seems surprising that there is enough candle power to melt the buttons of chocolate that are delivered with the dessert but this occurs reasonable quickly.
Pure melted chocolate can be overpowering as Merkel discovered at Providore. The mixture of milk and chocolate allows the drinker to control the concentration.

The result is a warm pleasure. The dessert costs $6.50. The sipper and Myrtle's cappuccino are illustrated here.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lunch Cutters

This is one of two Cafés at the Unley Shopping Centre. The other "The Lunch Club" has been reviewed previously. The hot chocolate is $3.20 and comes in wide ceramic cup with generous froth heaped over the brim with a sprinkle of chocolate. The waitress performed an excellent feat of steadiness to get it to the table without spillage. The chocolate is rich tasting but a little watery.

Cinema Ads

The cinemas I go to do not seem to sell hot chocolate. Then again cinemas do not seem to have intermissions any more and the drive-in cinema has all but disappeared. Here are some Advertisements in Youtube from Cinemas advertising hot chocolate for the intermission.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cremorne Hotel

The Cremorne Hotel has a logo that features an elephant. This is apparently "Tommy the zoo elephant" who was the leading attraction in the zoo on the original site of the Cremorne Hotel back in 1854. The original Hotel stood in wheat fields. It was a popular place to gather, with gardens and the zoo that featured Tommy.

"The Register" from 1902 records that "There [at the Cremorne Hotel] was to be seen the first elephant ever imported into South Australia.". The Cremorne Hotel is now on Unley Road in the premises built in 1925, replacing that first building.

The hot chocolate was $4.10 and came in a glass mug with a handle. It had an excellent froth and sprinkle of chocolate. It tasted great and was rich, creamy and chocolaty. The hot chocolate came with an individually wrapped orange chocolate in the shape of a shell featuring the logo with aforementioned elephant. This was a delicious chocolate and was a credit to it manufacturer Fardoulis Chocolates in New South Wales.

Cremorne Hotel on Urbanspoon

Hot Chocolate Options

In the UK the Twinings company make a low calorie hot chocolate called Options. I have not had the privilege of trying any of these drinks but Youtube has a good selection of their advertising.

Here are two with the tag line "What's life without options"
Here is a series of "speed dating" commercials

Even the amateurs want to emulate this advertising:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Glow Café

Glow in Gawler Place in the Adelaide CBD provides a menu of healthy salads, sandwiches and light meals. This is the place to go if your interested in low fat, low GI or gluten free foods. Despite that Merkel found his salami focaccia and hot chocolate delicious. The hot chocolate was $3.80 and came with no marshmallows. It came in a good sized ceramic cup with a good froth and a sprinkle of chocolate. The drink was smooth and chocolaty. There was some sediment at the bottom but this was still quite tasty.

Count Duckula

In my search for television heroes who enjoy hot chocolate I have come across Count Duckula. This is a character played by Warner Brothers' Daffy Duck. Daffy was an unusual animated character because he had series where he was still Daffy but played other roles. He was also the title role in "Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century".

Season 1, Episode 1: No Sax Please: We're Egyptian
Original Air Date—6 September 1988
One day while awaiting a breakfast of "cocoa and chockie bickies", Duckula is fed up with his predicament as a false vampire, and Igor takes him through the picture gallery of the castle to remind of his ancestry. While being lectured about the pictures, Duckula asks Igor about his great-uncle's great-uncle, The Archduck McGanza discovery of the "mystic saxophone", an instrument known to give any who play the saxophone power over life and death, and over all the forces of the universe. And so Duckula, Nanny, and Igor set off to Egypt to find the saxophone.

Season 1, Episode 23: Town Hall Terrors
Original Air Date—21 February 1989
Realizing that the castle needs major repairs, Duckula goes to the town council to get a grant to repair it. When he gets the grant, he gives the money to some tricksters who build a railroad right through the castle.

Nanny: Are you saying my cocoa's lumpy?
Count Duckula: Of course not! It's one big lump.
Igor: Rather like Nanny herself, milord.
Count Duckula: Hehe! Very good Igor! I don't care what everyone else says - you HAVE got a sense of humour. Somewhere.

Season 2, Episode 1: Ghostly Gold
Original Air Date—12 September 1989
In this episode Duckula sets of to the Yukon in search of gold. In the process he is caught in the snow.

Count Duckula: [the three are out in the snow, lost] I still think it would have been a better idea to bring the *dogs* to pull the sled, Nanny.
Nanny: Oh, no, Duckyboos, it's too cold. Those poor little mutts would have been half-freezing!
Igor: Instead, they're tucked in front of a blazing fire, drinking the young master's best cocoa and eating his chocolate biskies.
Nanny: Oh, dear, I meant to pack them some custard creams as well, I hope they don't get too upset!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Four Funks

Merkel Marmaduke visited three more "Funk Coffee & Food" outlets last week adding to the Funk outlet he visited in Flinders Street. The décor of these outlets is good and they have a standard menu. The hot chocolate is $3.20 but you can spend a further 80 cents to get a mug rather than a cup. The Vienna hot chocolate is $4.50.

76 Waymouth Street
The Funk café in Waymouth Street has a similar red and black décor to the one in Flinders Street. It had plenty of seating and had some booth seating that the Flinders Street venue did not have.

For a change Merkel ordered the Vienna Hot Chocolate which came in a tall glass with handle. It was topped with cream and a sprinkle of cocoa (see photo below). It was a good chocolaty flavour and the cream was not over powering as it is sometimes with the Vienna drink.

250 Victoria Square
Funk Coffee and Food in the foyer of the new SA Water building is a spectacular example of café foyerism. This is high ceiling foyer with huge glass windows in a spacious area. There is an SA Water information desk, some seating and the usual people coming and going to the lifts as well the Funk outlet in this foyer. The décor is similar to the other Funk outlets but there is a timber floor and less red probably as a concession to the décor of the foyer. They have used this foyer in the opening of the Funk web-site. The menu seems to be same as the Waymouth St Funk.

Merkel ordered the standard hot chocolate. The drink was not as tasty or as well presented as the one illustrated in the posting for the earlier Flinders Street Funk.

Frome St, Adelaide
There was plenty of seating but the shop was a little drafty and the bare concrete floor did not help one feel particular warm. Merkel ordered the Vienna Hot Chocolate. It was the same presentation as at Waymouth but not as well executed as some of it was spilt and cream was not quite as elegant.

The summary is that the Flinders Funk did a good hot chocolate and Waymouth Funk did a good Vienna chocolate but the Visit to Victoria Square was great just for the surroundings.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Café El'mundo

This busy café and sandwich bar at 82 Waymouth Street in the Adelaide CBD offers a number of light lunches and drinks. It has been established for some time. The décor reflects the age of the café but there is plenty of seating. The hot chocolate sells for $3.10 for a cup and $3.50 for a mug. The mug was pink and came with a bubbly froth but no marshmallows. The hot chocolate was milky and not particular chocolaty.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Hyde Park Tavern

Merkel and Lady Marmaduke dined in the bistro of the Hyde Park Tavern recently. This is a nicely appointed venue which was fairly busy on a Tuesday night. There was some warning that things were not going to go smoothly when the waitress seemed stressed and there was the clattering sound of plates hitting the floor on a couple of occasions.

Merkel ordered his usual hot chocolate with a serve of kangaroo. After waving at a lost looking waitress the hot chocolate was delivered in a tall glass with handle. The glass was wobbling on a saucer that was filled with no longer hot chocolate. The waitress apologized and cleaned up the table and the saucer. Unfortunately the chocolate inside the glass was also cold. Merkel persisted only to find that the spoon that came with the drink was far too short to reach the bottom of the cup. The chocolate was probably about $3.50 and did not come with marshmallows but this seemed an insignificant problem.

Merkel's kangaroo was tasty and the Lady's fish was ample.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gloria Jeans in Borders

I have remarked previously on the café foyerism and coffee shops within other shops. One of the first such shops I was aware of was the one in Borders on Rundle Mall. Amongst the book shelves is a fully functional coffee shop with a good range of meals and drinks. Gloria Jeans has a similar installation inside Borders shops throughout Australia and there are other Gloria Jeans outlets in the Adelaide metropolitan area.

The hot chocolate was available in different sizes for $3.60, $4.20 and $4.70. It was served in a paper cup with froth and no marshmallows. The Gloria Jeans' patrons can sprinkle on their own cocoa and other sprinkles. The hot chocolate was dreadful though. Still they were advertising a thick dipping chocolate which looked good on the poster. If I visit another Gloria Jeans I might give that a go.

Bewitching Hot Chocolate

Bewitched is an even older TV series than Happy Days reviewed in an earlier posting. I am not sure whether I ever saw any original episodes but certainly saw a few of the repeats. Gladys Kravitz is the nosey neighbour who always catches the magical things that the witch Samantha (played by the beautiful Elizabeth Montgomery) and her family do across the road. Abner is her long suffering husband who keeps telling her it is all normal. Their marital relations are summarised in the following snippet:
Gladys Kravitz: [after finding Darrin, the chimpanzee] I wonder where he belongs?
Abner Kravitz: He belongs in a zoo. And so do you.
Evidently Abner was a hot chocolate fan. In this 1965 episode titled "Illegal Separation" Abner has been thrown out by Gladys and is staying at the Stephens house.

Abner Kravitz: I said, "Gladys, let me in, I'll catch pneumonia".
Samantha Stephens: And she didn't answer?
Abner Kravitz: She answered. She gave me the name of a good doctor.
Samantha Stephens: Would you care to join us in a glass of champagne?
Abner Kravitz: Thanks, but not at bedtime.
Samantha Stephens: Oh, all right, Mr. Kravitz. The guest room is the first door to the left, on the top of the stairs.
Abner Kravitz: At bedtime, I drink piping hot cocoa. If it's not too much trouble

Abner Kravitz: That was the best sleep I've had in months. Mrs. Kravitz snores.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kibbi's Café

Kibbi's café has a good menu of various standard and light meals. On the menu along with the standard hot chocolate at $3.70 were three flavours of Fräus European Hot Chocolate at $4.90. These wonderful hot chocolates were reviewed in an earlier posting. Unfortunately when your reviewer attempted to order these they were nowhere to be found. I settled for the standard drink.

The hot chocolate came with a single marshmallow and was served in a Coffex coffee cup. It had good froth and a liberal sprinkling of chocolate. The drink was creamy and rich and was pleasant to drink.
Kibbi's Cafe on Urbanspoon

Happy Days and Hot Chocolate

Anyone who is old as Merkel Marmaduke will remember the "Happy Days" TV series. What I did not remember was that the tough guy of the series, "Fonzie" was a hot chocolate fan and was thought to be dead in one episode. This is revealed in the following transcript from the series available at

Fonzie's Funeral: Part 2 (1979)

[Lenny Kosnowski, a US Treasury Agent, informs the Cunninghams that Fonzie has been killed - unaware that Fonzie is making hot chocolate in their kitchen]
Arthur 'Fonzie' Fonzarelli: Hey, you want some hot chocolate?
Lenny Kosnowski: No thanks, I'm on duty.
Arthur 'Fonzie' Fonzarelli: Too bad, I like those little marshmellows.
[Kosnowski does a double take]
Lenny Kosnowski: You!
Arthur 'Fonzie' Fonzarelli: Me!
Lenny Kosnowski: You're alive!
Arthur 'Fonzie' Fonzarelli: What was your first clue?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Lucia's , Central Market

Lucia's Fine Foods and Pizza & Spaghetti Bar takes up shops 1-4 on the Western side of the Central Market. This is just near the Providore stall in the previous posting. Lucia's is a fine café in the bustle of the market. The hot chocolate is $3.20 and comes with a dollop of white froth in the middle of the brown froth on the drink. There are no sprinkles of chocolate or marshmallows but the drink is creamy and rich and one of the better standard hot chocolates around.
Lucia's on Urbanspoon

Providore, Central Market

Providore is stall 66 towards the western side of the Adelaide Central Market. Your reviewer's attention was drawn to this stall because of the Belgian chocolate fountains that are on display in the stall. This was thick melted chocolate. The stall provided a small plastic cup of the dark melted chocolate to me for $2.40. It was very smooth and very rich. You feel your pulse rate increase as you drink this mixture. As with the Chocolate World experience it is not the sort of drink you would have every day or with a large meal but it is an occasional indulgent pleasure.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ghirardelli, Premium Hot Cocoa, Chocolate Hazelnut

I bought a can of the Ghirardelli hot chocolate from Kaffeehaus in Hahndorf. This was $10.50 for a 450g can. I eagerly made myself a mug of the drink when I got home. Unfortunately the hazelnut drink is too sweet for my taste. There is vanilla added to this cocoa and the hazelnut flavours tasted artificial.

I believe the double chocolate flavour that I sampled at the Kaffeehaus was Ghiradelli, so I was disappointed at this kitchen adventure. There was some evidence that the creamy hot chocolate was the same brand as I sampled in the shop but I think I will give the hazelnut flavour a miss in the future.

Cocolat, Balhannah

Cocolat at Balhannah is one of three shops with this name in the Adelaide area. Each sells the wonderful chocolate desserts that are made on site at Balhannah but the Café experience is different at each location. The Hyde park outlet is a small retail counter that will provide an intimate dining experience. The east end Rundle Street outlet is a huge café which is so popular that your reviewer has not found a seat on the last two occasions he attended there. The Balhannah, outlet is principally a retail shop for the factory out the back, however it does have three comfortable tables for those wishing to dine in. If it is a savory meal you are after then go somewhere else first and come back for dessert. There are a couple of savory muffins on the menu but the focus is on decadent desserts.

Your reviewer was in Balhannah for the Cocolat hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was available in small ($4.50), medium ($5.50) and large ($6.00) sizes. There was standard hot chocolate, white hot chocolate and top deck hot chocolate which was a combination of white and dark chocolate but your reviewer chose a medium chilli hot chocolate. It came in a very tall glass with a handle and a good froth with chocolate and dry chilli flakes sprinkled on top. Standard white and pink marshmallows were provided with the drink. The drink packed a punch and was reasonably creamy. Your reviewer likes a strong chocolate flavour and the drink did not deliver this. A stronger flavour would have gone better with the chilli.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kaffeehaus, Hahndorf

Your reviewer returned to Hahndorf recently to sample the wonderful range of produce in the area. As well as sampling cheese, wine, pickles and chocolate at various locations in Hahndorf, Balhannah and Woodside, your reviewer tried hot chocolates at a couple more venues.

The Kaffeehaus had a selection of hot chocolates including Hazelnut, White Chocolate and Mocca. Your reviewer tried the double chocolate for $3.50. This came in a tall glass with a handle and a wonderfully sticky marshmallow. There has not been much comment about the quality of the marshmallows in this blog but this was superior in quality to the standard supermarket marshmallows served with other hot chocolate offerings. The drink itself was delicious, really chocolaty and creamy. It was served with a thin froth and a sprinkle of chocolate on top.

After the Kaffeehaus your reviewer headed toward Balhannah for the Cocolat chocolate experience.

Index of Three Dollar Hot Chocolates

The following are the hot chocolates selling for three dollars or less in this blog.

Alfonso's Continental
Café 146
Café Ela'te
Café One
Cocolat, Hyde Park

Earl of Leicester
Gelato Bello
Indochina, City Central
Lunch'n Latte

Providore, Central Market

In this category so far

  • Cafe 146 wins the prize for good taste,
  • Cocolat wins the prize for best dining experience,
  • Lunch'n Latte had the best presentation,
  • Providore for the the best chocolate experience and
  • Indochina had the most drink for the price.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Scootz is a small breakfast and lunch café in Pulteney Street which is on the route to work when Merkel chooses to walk. The hot chocolate is $3.10 for a cup, or more for a mug. The cup of hot chocolate comes in a Dimattina coffee cup with a tasty froth and plenty of chocolate sprinkled on top. The drink had a good dark chocolate taste but was not particularly creamy. The service was friendly but I would have preferred they take my money first so I could sit down while they made the hot chocolate.

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Serves You Right
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Taste on Victoria
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Treasury on King William
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Urban Bistro
Urban Fare
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Un Caffe Bar, Hyde Park
Un Caffe Bar, King William Street
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V Square
Villa and Hutt
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Viva Espresso
Viva Espresso, Strawberry
Viva Espresso, Vienna
Viva Sustainable Food
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Waffle's Waffles and Coffee
Waffle King
Wakefield Tavern
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Wenzel's Cakes
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Whipped Baked Bar Cafe
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Wild Thyme
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Woodstock Wine Estate
Worlds End Hotel
XO Supper Club
Xpresso on Flinders Street
Yiros & Health Food
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Yum Delicious
Yum Sing Express
Yummy Choice Sushi
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Zen House
Zest Cafe Gallery
Zinfandel Tea Rooms
Zuma's Caffe