Friday, March 26, 2010

How Sweet it is

Topham Mall has been a good location for a hot chocolate at the Dessert Spot and Café Ela'te. "How Sweet It Is" is a cake shop at shop 8, Topham Mall but it also has a chocolate mixer on display. How Sweet It Is also sells cakes at 241 Pulteney Street but your reviewer is not sure whether they have the hot chocolate machine. There is nowhere to sit and eat at How Sweet It Is, so Merkel went for a curry at Kamala's Kitchen in Topham Mall.

The thick cup of liquid chocolate cost four dollars and is in the style of the Italian Hot Chocolates reviewed earlier. It was served in a paper cub with no froth nor did it have any marshmallows like at Swiss Glory. The chocolate was rich and smooth. The thick Italian style chocolate at Cibo and Adelaide Coffee Bar was still better because of presentation of the drink.

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