Friday, March 12, 2010

Shakespeare on Love

William Shakespeare was a master at writing about love. His words have had resonance with men and women through the centuries. "Shakespeare on Love: A Feast in Eight Courses" performed by "Poor Yorick" was an enchanting evening.

Cheryl Bradley and Rob MacPherson played their way through the love scenes of eight of the Bard's well known love scenes to the accompaniment of a lone Cellist. A couple of sonnets were thrown in for good measure. The couple brought great meaning to some wonderful words ably supported by Kate Fraser, who performed the parts of the more incidental men and women. "Picnic at Connies" was an intimate garden setting that worked well with the chosen scenes. This was a thoughtful and well constructed piece of Adelaide Fringe entertainment.

There were wines and nibbles available at "Picnic at Connies" but no hot chocolate. Merkel and Myrtle crossed Unley Road to visit Vino Ristorante for supper which will be reviewed in another posting.

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