Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Gallery Bar

The Gallery Bar (now called Gallery on Waymouth) is a new café at 30 Waymouth Street which also qualifies as an Adelaide Fringe venue. This is a fine looking gallery and café on two levels at present. The roof top garden will make a third level and is still under construction. The Adelaide Fringe exhibit at The Gallery Bar is called "mini ART" which shows about sixty small works from other Fringe exhibits. This was a great way of seeing the sort of work that is available over Adelaide during the fringe. All the works can be purchased by auction. The Fringe guide has this exhibition finishing on 10 March so readers may have missed out but there will always be some art work to view here.

The food and drink was quite reasonably priced given the classy nature of the Café. The hot chocolate was four dollars and came in a ceramic cup and a saucer. It was very creamy but not chocolaty enough for your reviewer. It was finished with a creamy froth and a sprinkle of cocoa.


  1. really nice place, good venue and great atmosphere, pity about the low quality pub meals though, whats the deal with that the food is poor all deep fried pub low quality food, I work across the street in the ANZ building, I wont come back!!!

  2. pretty poor menu, main is just entree + shitty continental bread pretty average, i found out this place is owned by the same people who own the cumberland arms just down the road, that serves same type of food but is much better anyway,
    whats the deal with serving average pub food in a nice venue, these guys have no idea, Georges next door is a fine example of fine dining with excellent food,
    and the drinks geeeeeez, complete and utter rip off,
    So to sum up you get average pub food with ultimately highly priced drinks
    rather go to a pub thanks to get the same thing

  3. pretty average menu, overpriced drinks, to top it off the manager matt was very arrogant and rude, A venue full of stupid private school football jocks