Thursday, March 11, 2010

First, Richmond Hotel

Richmond Hotel is another Adelaide Fringe Venue showing an exhibition of fine art. “First” on the first floor of the Rundle Mall Hotel provides an excellent gallery and fine dining venue. When Merkel and Myrtle visited, the Fringe exhibit was “Australiana and Wildflowers”. Lauren-Jade Ryan is a prolific artist and there are plenty of paintings of flowers in the exhibit. Lauren-Jade has also painted the portrait of Isobel Redmond, contender for the South Australian Premier in the forthcoming election. If you are not into the fairly two-dimensional still life pictures there are a number of more abstract works on show by other artists.

“First” has a choice of tables and lounges and a small balcony area for patrons to sit outside and look down on Rundle Mall. It has a menu of sophisticated meals and some tapas style “lounge food”.

The hot chocolate came in a generous glass with a paper napkin wrapped neatly around it to save Merkel’s fingertips. The hot chocolate had plenty of bubbly froth covered with chocolate powder. The drink was rich and tasty and not too sweet.
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