Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jazz at the Wheatsheaf

Three young musicians from Sydney have organized a series of fringe show at the Wheatsheaf this week. Franklin (Tenor Sax), Arthur (Trombone) and Dobson (Double-Bass) are teaming up with some their friends in different combinations. Merkel attended the first night which started with a quartet of two Tenor Saxes, Bass and Drums. The two saxes worked well together and the ensemble work with the rhythm section was tight.

The second set was more challenging. Some of the music was less accessible and the lack of drums meant that the driving rhythm was gone despite the best efforts of Dobson on Bass. All the musicians were unquestionably talented and the Sunday gig where they all get together promises to be entertaining.

The Wheatsheaf is on our list of Adelaide Fringe Venues. Merkel observed the Wheatsheaf had an espresso machine but did not trouble the staff for a hot chocolate this evening because of the busy event.

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