Friday, March 19, 2010

New York Coffee Bar

Having sampled some of the hot chocolates from the USA Merkel went to the New York Coffee Bar with some trepidation. This is a pokey little shop with only a couple of tables on the footpath outside. This Coffee Bar is in a little group of shops on the corner of Pirie Street and King William Street in the Adelaide CBD. It does a range of baguettes and light meals.

The New York Coffee Bar does sell hot chocolate in glass mugs and saucers. Unfortunately you have to be luck to get one of the tables out front if you are going to get these. Merkel was therefore faced with having to endure a paper cup. The hot chocolate however was surprisingly good. It was dark, rich and tasty. It was finished with a creamy froth and ample sprinkling of chocolate powder and came with a marshmallow dunked in the drink. This was all for the budget price of three dollars.

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