Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is it a Long Way to the Top?

Merkel and Myrtle attended the Adelaide Fringe Festival venue, the Arkaba on a Monday night to see a comedy debate. The topic "Is it a Long Way to the Top" was in deference to AC/DC who were performing in Adelaide the next evening. The show was held at the "Top of the Ark" which is only on the first floor. It is actually not a long way to the "Top of the Ark". This venue has been operating since Merkel's childhood. Jason Pestell, the capable moderator of the debate, suggested some of the audience may have even been conceived in the venue. Jason was ably supported by the two captains of the debating teams, Jason Chong and Justin Hamilton. The teams were anchored by well known personalities Tom Gleeson and Greg Fleet. The evening was a wonderful collection of different comedy styles, spontaneity and irreverence.

The "Top of the Ark" had a long but fast moving queue at the bar and probably did not serve hot chocolate anyway. Merkel had a hot chocolate before the show downstairs in the bistro. This came in the same style glass as the hot chocolate he had in the Arkaba six months ago. This time however it was sweeter, weaker and came with two marshmallows dunked in the drink. The cost was $3.50. Actually "before the show" is a bit misleading. It was the week before as Merkel did not want to risk missing the show by waiting for a hot chocolate.

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