Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Paul.a.Young Fine Chocolates

A member Merkel's international network of chocolate connoisseurs was able to procure hot chocolate from Paul.a.Young in the UK.  This is was presented to Merkel on Christmas day.  The mix was Aztec spiced hot chocolate using 70% dark chocolate.

The instructions required adding 4 teaspoons of chocolate powder to a small amount of boiling water to make a paste.  Then it was to topped up with more hot water.  Merkel to chose to add milk because he likes a creamy hot chocolate.

The drink rich and spicy.  The spices (cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamon) were evident because some floated on the top which was a decorative touch.  The spice was stronger than some spiced hot chocolates and had a good chocolate flavour.

Red Cacao Belgian

Merkel and Myrtle returned to the Red Cacao in Stirling recently.  This time Merkel was keen to try the Belgian hot chocolate after being impressed by the single origin hot chocolate last time.  The hot chocolate was served in a mug with a complementary piece of chocolate.  It was topped with a forth and chocolate shavings.  It was served on a wooden platter.  Merkel chose to have a goji berry protein ball with the drink.

This was a creamy hot chocolate with a unmistakable Belgian chocolate flavour.  This was very pleasant and well presented.  It cost seven dollars.

Arena Coffee and Juice Lab

Arena is a still in the Citi Centre arcade off Rundle Mall.  Citi Centre is set up like a food hall with many table serving the surrounding food stalls.

The hot chocolate is served only in takeaway cups.  But the drink has good creaminess and froth and a liberal amount of chocolate.  It is a fairly sweet drink but is probably the best available in the Citi Centre.  The cost was $3.50 for the medium size.