Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Croyden Store

Elizabeth Street Croydon boasts two great eating places. They are the Queen Street Café and the Red Door Bakery. Nearby is the a Café called The Croydon Store which has also got signage suggesting it is Ye Olde Croydon Deli. Inside there is a range of different styles of table and eclectic memoribillia like old vinyl LP covers and old books. The service and food is not quite as slick as the Cafes down the road the Croyden Store probably still can count on the overflow from these popular venues.

The hot chocolate came in small glass and saucer. The drink was topped with a dollop of froth and a dunked pink marshmallow. The drink was not particular creamy or chocolaty but only cost three dollars. The recommendation for hot chocolate lovers visiting this group of shops is the Red Door Bakery.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Café One

Café One is near the entrance to Southern Cross Arcade not far from BreadTop. It provides a number of continental café style meals and provides a good range of hot beverages. Merkel chose the Vienna hot chocolate for a change. It came in a ceramic cup topped with whipped cream and a dusting of chocolate powder. This was a creamy drink but Merkel would have preferred a darker, richer chocolate. The cost was $3.50.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Manna Café e Ristorante

It had been some time since Merkel and Myrtle visited Manna Café for lunch. It is now Manna Café e Ristorante and is bit more up market than a couple of years ago. It provides attentive table service and a full menu of Italian style meals.

The hot chocolate came in a big mug and saucer. A marshmallow was provided in the saucer and the drink was topped with a white froth and a sprinkle of chocolate powder. This hot chocolate was easy to drink. It had a good milk chocolate flavour and was not too sweet.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

BreadTop, King William Street

This oriental bakery is amazing shop for inexpensive buns, rolls and cakes. The creations are tasty and fresh. Most people takeaway but there are a few tables and bar stools for eating in. Merkel and Myrtle visit BreadTop in Grote Street some time ago. This time it was the outlet at the King William Street entrance to Southern Cross Arcade.

The hot chocolate came in a mug and probably cost $3.20. The mug had BreadTop's own logo. It was topped with a white froth and sprinkle of chocolate powder. It was not a great hot chocolate but on a cold day it disappeared quickly before Merkel thought to take a photograph of it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Delish, Orange

I have been identified for the second time in the history of this blog. As I entered Delish there was a portable computer on the counter. The waitress turned the screen to reveal that it was logged into "Hot Chocolate: Dark Desires" and asked me whether I was responsible for this blog. Fortunately, I enjoy visiting this little Café on Victoria Square and look forward to sampling the different flavours of hot chocolate they have available.

It was time to try the Delish orange hot chocolate, creatively named as "Chocwork Orange". This was nicely presented with a froth pattern and a semicircle of chocolate powder. The orange flavour was in better balance than the orange hot chocolate at Au Martin Calme but the Jaffa at Fiefys made with dark Belgian chocolate is still my favourite.

The waiter at Delish said that he envied me my quest of trying as many different hot chocolates in Adelaide as possible. It is true that this is a somewhat enjoyable pursuit but I am not without a sense of duty to my loyal readers.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Cibo, Melbourne Street

A new Cibo has been established at the corner of Melbourne Street and Jerningham Street in North Adelaide. It has plenty of seating inside and outside and makes an excellent Cioccolata Italiana for $4.50. It was served with a dollop of whipped cream which is the way your reviewer likes it.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Au Martin Calme, Orange

Merkel and Myrtle returned to Au Martin Calme on Saturday morning for an omelette and a hot chocolate. This time Merkel tried the Orange Hot Chocolate. The drink was served with the same mug and same brown froth as before with a small dollop of white froth in the middle. The flavour of the chocolate and orange was good but the drink became too sickly sweet towards the bottom. A darker flavour chocolate is more suited to Orange chocolate drinks.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Grace the Establishment

Lachlan Colwill wrote an opinion piece on page 40 of the July edition of The Adelaide Review discussing the relative merits of food bloggers and journalists. He suggests that for reviewers "an expansive knowledge of classic and modern fine dining should be on the resume". He also suggests that bloggers receive "freebies for good reviews, basically bribes" and this extends to bribes from producers and suppliers. I am obviously missing out! The article was peppered with unedifying rhetorical questions such as, "who deserves more respect, the journalist or the blogger?". Given the standard of Lachlan's journalism, by his own argument his culinary skills must be excellent, so I wandered along to Grace where he provides his expertise as a Chef.

Grace is split into two areas "The Bar" has bar seating and "The Establishment" is a naturally lit area at the back with restaurant style dining. There are different menus for both areas but patrons can order from either at the bar. The emphasis is on grazing style meals. I will not comment on the barramundi or the beef tortilla because my fine dining resume does not pass muster. I think I should be permitted to discuss the hot chocolate as I have reviewed more than 700 of these drinks and this humble reviewer is the most viewed food blogger in South Australia on Urban Spoon.

The hot chocolate came in a glass with saucer. While there was nothing to stop the fingertips from burning, the beverage was not so hot that this was a problem. The hot chocolate was delivered without the adornment of froth but the chocolate flavour was good without being too sweet. The texture was smooth and was better than your standard powdery hot chocolate. The hot chocolate cost $3.80.

The donuts with aerated chocolate sauce were also nice as a dessert. I compare these with the churros that I reviewed elsewhere. I prefer the dark dense chocolate sauce which generally comes with churros. The star cross-section of churros helps pick up good quantities of chocate. Grace's cinnamon donut balls were fresh and tasty though.

So Lachlan, that was not such a bad review. Do I get a free steak next time I vist one of your restaurants?

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Delish, Cherry

Merkel returned to the friendly staff at Delish Espresso because of tip-off that they were serving flavoured hot chocolates. He chose the "Cherry Ripe" hot chocolate. The combination of dark chocolate and cherry fruit works well in the chocolate bar of that name. The hot chocolate came in a glass with a dark froth and a dollop of white froth covered with a semi-circle of chocolate powder. The chocolate and cherry flavours were rich but the combination was too sweet for Merkel's taste. There was enough merit in the beverage to look forward to return to try another flavour.  The flavoured hot chocolate was $3.60.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Essential Café, Iced

Merkel and Myrtle returned to Essential Café. This time Merkel had the iced chocolate for $4.50. It was topped with vanilla ice cream, cream and a sprinkle of chocolate powder. It came in a tall glass and had a good dark colour. This was well-presented iced chocolate and it was richer and less sweet than many iced chocolates around town.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ink Café, Mint

Merkel and Myrtle returned to Ink Café and were pleased to see a small blackboard on the counter advertising Mint Hot Chocolate. Mint hot chocolates last appeared in this blog for ETC and Stax. While Mint is not Merkel's favourite flavouring of hot chocolate it can provide an interesting contrast to a dark chocolate flavour. The hot chocolate was served in a glass and a saucer and was topped with a brown froth and a line of chocolate powder. It was a good dark chocolate flavour although the mint was a bit overpowering for Merkel's taste. The drink cost $3.50.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Little Fig

This little coffee shop at 90b Winston Avenue, Melrose was once Coffee Time. The décor has changed a little and there are a few more items on the menu, but it is still a shop for coffee and cake with plenty of reading material available.

The hot chocolate came in a stemmed glass with a handle served on a saucer with a pink marshmallow. It was topped with a white froth and sprinkle of chocolate powder. The chocolate flavour was good and the price has dropped to $3.30 since Coffee Time.
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Saturday, July 16, 2011


I noticed that the venue I recently new as Brunch had changed its name to Thyme. This was puzzling until I noticed the big sign on the wall that said "Open for Dinner Thursday, Friday and Saturday". Brunch probably is not a good name for a dinner venue. The normal lunch and breakfast menu had been extended to include dinners and there was stronger focus on table service. A pot of aromatic thyme was placed on each table which was a nice touch.

The hot chocolate came in a glass with a saucer. The drink was creamy and chocolaty and topped with a brown froth and a sprinkle of chocolate powder. The syrup design has disappeared over the last couple years and the price has risen to $3.20 but the quality of the hot chocolate is still good.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Grind @ Norwood

Merkel and Myrtle went to The Grind at 225b Norwood Parade recently. This is part of the group that runs The Grind at the Central Market. This is a little shop with snazzy décor. It has bar seating inside and tables outside on the footpath. It specialises in coffees and has has some sweet treats to go with these. Retail coffee beans and hot chocolate mixes are available for purchase. In particular they sell the Arkadia organic coffee brand and the Lamborghini luxury hot chocolate range. There is no thick hot chocolate on tap like at the Central Market stall.

The hot chocolate came in a big ceramic cup and was topped with a white froth and plenty of chocolate powder in a semicircle on top. The flavour was rich and complex and not too sweet. The hot chocolate cost $4.20.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Café 163

Café 163 at the unfashionable end of Gouger Street, near West Terrace, has seeen better times. It still has some of the décor from when it was a restaurant but it is now a quiet little snack bar. There is only one man running the shop and he was a little slow. Pies pasties and sandwiches were available and there were three glass tables inside.

The hot chocolate was good but a little cool. It was server in a tall mug and non-matching saucer and cost $3.20. It was topped with a bubbly froth and a sprinkle of chocolate powder. The taste was creamy and not too sweet.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Café Pellegrini

Mamma Carmelas in Unley has changed to Café Pellegrini. It seems the café was sold as an ongoing business three weeks ago. The theme is still good Italian food although only minor changes to the menu and layout have taken place.  Mamma Carmelas in Glenelg still remains.

The hot chocolate was $3.80. It came in a glass mug and and saucer with a pink marshmallow. It was topped with a white froth and a sprinkle of chocolate powder. It was reasonably chocolaty but a little sweet.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Argo on the Parade, Iced

Merkel and Myrtle returned to Argo on the Parade,which should not to be confused with Argo in Port Adelaide. This time Merkel ordered the iced chocolate for $5.50. This was topped with vanilla icecream, whipped cream and a sprinkle of chocolate powder. It was made with chocolate syrup and was pretty sweet with out a good chocolate flavour but looked good.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cikolatte Restoran, Prospect

Cikolatte Restoran is run by the same people who operate the coffee shop in Melbourne Street, North Adelaide. The Prospect Road venue is more of a licensed restaurant with friendly table service but the same chocolates and coffees are available. The food stays with the Turkish theme. There are tables insided and on the large decked area out the front under a huge umbrella. The restaurant had been open for four months when Merkel and Myrtle visited for breakfast. The restaurant is directly opposite Devour at 81 Prospect Road.

The hot chocolate came in three size and Merkel chose the mug of dark chilli chocolate. Milk chocolate. White hot chocolate and iced chocolate were also available. The mug and saucer came with a large pink marshmallow. The froth on top was decorated with a sprinkle of chocolate powder stirred into a pattern. The chilli flavour was good and drink was creamy but could have been richer in chocolate flavour.

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Devour Dessert Bar

Devour provides a short menu of delicious desserts. It is locate at 96 Prospect Road, Prospect and seats in the evening are in demand. This is a cozy, dimly lit venue for consuming an emaculately presented sweet treat.

The hot chocolate was four dollars. It was topped with a white froth and dusting of cocoa and was served in good sized white ceramic cup. The drink was made with some water so it was not particularly creamy but it had a strong dark chocolate flavour and was not too sweet. Devour also do iced chocolate.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Brilliant Restaurant

There has been quick change from Boticelli to a new restaurant Brilliant next to Caffe Como. Not much seems to have changed in Brilliant on first appearance. The signage out the front shows the new name but on the inside it is the same décor and paintings by Boticelli on the walls. The table cloths have changed from green to red but it is is still a fine table service restaurant. The food has more a French emphasis rather than purely Italian and the waiting staff have changed.

The chocolate was in a glass mug and saucer. There was a white froth and a sprinkle of chocolate powder on top. There was a pink marshmallow dunked centrally in the hot chocolate and a white marshmallow in the saucer. This bet each way on the marshmallow dunking issue is certainly unique. The chocolate was far too weak and cost $3.50.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chocolate Bean, Jasmin

When I get the opportunity it is always enjoy going to the Chocolate Bean to try another flavour of hot chocolate. This time it was the dark hot chocolate with Jasmin flavour. This is a subtle flavour more usually associated with tea but it went well with the Belgian hot chocolate served at Chocolate Bean.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Delish Espresso

Merkel and Myrtle recently visited Delish Espresso at 195 Victoria Square right next to V Square. According to the web site Delish had only opened the day before but the shop seemed to well established. V Square looked pretty empty so it may have closed. Delish is an organic Café selling focaccias and rolls and hot beverages. There are a couple of tables inside but more tables outside on the square.

The hot chocolate came in a white ceramic cup and saucer. It was a dark chocolate with a blob of white froth on top. The flavour was good and not too sweet. The cost was $3.60.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Red Door Bakery

The Red Door Bakery is in Elizabeth Street Croyden in the same block of shops as the Queen Street Café. The Bakery does pies, sausage rolls and pizza as wells as range of sweeter treats. There are tables inside and outside and all the food items are available for takeaway as well. It is also a venue for the upcoming 2011 SALA festival.

The hot chocolate comes in a dainty cup and saucer with two marshmallows in the saucer. The chocolate was made with real Belgian chocolate. It was the same chocolate they use with their cakes and pastries. It was a delicious drink and not too sweet. The hot chocolate was topped with a brown froth and a sprinkle of chocolate powder and cost $4.20. Also on the menu was an iced chocolate with housemade chocolate icecream but that will have to wait until another day.
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fullarton Bakehouse

Florentines Bakehouse has been taken over by Fullarton Bakehouse. The items available for sale at Fullarton Bakehouse are more limited than Florentines but it is still comfortable place to have a pie, pasty or cake and a hot beverage. All the items in the new bakehouse are inexpensive.

For $3.20 Merkel received a mug of hot chocolate with a saucer and marshmallow. The drink was topped with a white froth and a sprinkle of chocolate powder. It was chocolaty enough and not too sweet.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Michel's, Adelaide Central Market

Michel's Patisserie is a big franchise chain with hundreds of Australian outlets. Your reviewer has visited outlets at Mitcham, Golden Grove, Rundle Mall and Kurralta Park. Today it was time to vist the outlet at the Southern end of the Adelaide Central Market Arcade. There are seats in the middle of the Arcade for Michel's patrons.

After being provided a flat white coffee due to an obvious language problem I received my usual hot chocolate. It came in a Michel's branded cup with a heap of white froth and a sprinkling of chocolate powder. The drink was hot, creamy and sufficiently chocolaty.