Friday, July 22, 2011

Grace the Establishment

Lachlan Colwill wrote an opinion piece on page 40 of the July edition of The Adelaide Review discussing the relative merits of food bloggers and journalists. He suggests that for reviewers "an expansive knowledge of classic and modern fine dining should be on the resume". He also suggests that bloggers receive "freebies for good reviews, basically bribes" and this extends to bribes from producers and suppliers. I am obviously missing out! The article was peppered with unedifying rhetorical questions such as, "who deserves more respect, the journalist or the blogger?". Given the standard of Lachlan's journalism, by his own argument his culinary skills must be excellent, so I wandered along to Grace where he provides his expertise as a Chef.

Grace is split into two areas "The Bar" has bar seating and "The Establishment" is a naturally lit area at the back with restaurant style dining. There are different menus for both areas but patrons can order from either at the bar. The emphasis is on grazing style meals. I will not comment on the barramundi or the beef tortilla because my fine dining resume does not pass muster. I think I should be permitted to discuss the hot chocolate as I have reviewed more than 700 of these drinks and this humble reviewer is the most viewed food blogger in South Australia on Urban Spoon.

The hot chocolate came in a glass with saucer. While there was nothing to stop the fingertips from burning, the beverage was not so hot that this was a problem. The hot chocolate was delivered without the adornment of froth but the chocolate flavour was good without being too sweet. The texture was smooth and was better than your standard powdery hot chocolate. The hot chocolate cost $3.80.

The donuts with aerated chocolate sauce were also nice as a dessert. I compare these with the churros that I reviewed elsewhere. I prefer the dark dense chocolate sauce which generally comes with churros. The star cross-section of churros helps pick up good quantities of chocate. Grace's cinnamon donut balls were fresh and tasty though.

So Lachlan, that was not such a bad review. Do I get a free steak next time I vist one of your restaurants?

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