Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cikolatte Restoran, Prospect

Cikolatte Restoran is run by the same people who operate the coffee shop in Melbourne Street, North Adelaide. The Prospect Road venue is more of a licensed restaurant with friendly table service but the same chocolates and coffees are available. The food stays with the Turkish theme. There are tables insided and on the large decked area out the front under a huge umbrella. The restaurant had been open for four months when Merkel and Myrtle visited for breakfast. The restaurant is directly opposite Devour at 81 Prospect Road.

The hot chocolate came in three size and Merkel chose the mug of dark chilli chocolate. Milk chocolate. White hot chocolate and iced chocolate were also available. The mug and saucer came with a large pink marshmallow. The froth on top was decorated with a sprinkle of chocolate powder stirred into a pattern. The chilli flavour was good and drink was creamy but could have been richer in chocolate flavour.

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