Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fringe Exhibitions on Unley Road

Merkel and Myrtle found a couple of fringe exhibitions away from the bustle of the city on Unley Road. Koppamurra Gallery at 32 Unley Road was exhibiting "Adelaide, Athens of the South…". This was a photographic exhibition of pictures taken around the CBD of Adelaide paying attention to the Greek influences in columns, doorways and sculpture. The colours of the photos were adjusted to give the pictures a surreal effect. Many of the features were recognizable as Adelaide but the artistic effect was one of another world. This was a fun exhibit where you could appreciate the Greek influences and spot the Adelaide landmarks.

Up the road a bit further at 109 Unley Road is Cold Krush . This store/gallery sells vinyl records, fancy shoes, T-Shirts, art work and a range of oddities. This venue was exhibiting "Busting Out" which is a collection of artwork done with parts of a bus. There were a number of bus windows painted with bright colours and designs. There was lamp made from holding bars from inside a bus. There were bus panels, ticket bins and even a mechanism for showing the bus number and destination. This was a clever theme and artistic designs were matched with the form and sometimes the original decoration of these recycled objects.

Neither of the venues provided catering but there are a number of hot chocolate venues nearby such as Small Talk, Boho, Serves you Right and Free.

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