Friday, March 5, 2010

Café Komodo

Café Komodo is a rambling venue developed from an old building with a number of rooms similar to The Deli. The theme is definitely retro with the Laminex and steel tables, the vinyl LPs stuck to the wall and the music of the Beach Boys piped through the Café. This is a busy Adelaide Fringe venue with a number of shows in the evenings. The Café is down a narrow alley decorated with mozaic tiles at 118 Prospect Road, behind the home wares shop "Lizards on the Fridge".

The Café is currently exhibiting "Music a Muse" where artist Emma Kruszynski portrays people playing keyboards and stringed instruments and suggests the mood of the music through the colour and the vibrancy of the image. These were light, happy and simple images.

The hot chocolate was delivered in a generous brown ceramic beaker topped with a white and brown froth with a heart pattern on top. It looked so inviting that your reviewer took a sip before he remembered to take a photo. The flavour was one of a good quality dark chocolate. The cost was four dollars.

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