Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bar 9 has Moved

Merkel and Myrtle ventured to Bar 9 to discover it has moved across the road to 96 Glen Osmond Road. It is now in a bigger, renovated stone building and offers an expanded the menu. It is also one of the exhibitors in the South Australian Living Arts Festival (SALA) 2011. On show were works by Nicholas Thomas which were realistic paintings of dolls and other toys which left an eerie and unsettling impression on the viewer.

Since last vist Bar 9 has added a Begian hot chocolate to their list of beverages. The drink came in a big black and white mug and sacucer. There was a thin froth on top with a sprinkle of cocoa. The Belgain chocolate flavour was great but could have been richer. The cost was $4.80. For coffee drinkers, the Bar 9 baristas still display great skill in Latte Art.

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