Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just Tickled Pink

Just Tickled Pink is a specialist cupcake shop opposite Patisserie Jin on 247 Unley Road, Hyde Park. As you enter the store you are stuck by the many portraits of Audrey Hepburn and in particular photographs of her role in Breakfast at Tiffanys. This is reminiscent of the Marilyn Monroe adoration displayed in A Café EtcThe effect in Just Tickled Pink is shop devoted glamour, femininity and good cupcakes.

Your reviewer chose the special Lindt Hot Chocolate that was on the menu. It came in a stemmed glass with handle. It was topped with a white froth and a syrup design. Two chocolate flowers were delicately balanced on the edge of the glass. These sunk below the surface as they were being photographed. There were a number of pink and white mini-marshmallows served in the saucer and there were syrup designs visible through the glass. This was the most elaborate of presentations. Fortunately the taste of the Lindt hot chocolate lived up to this presentation. It had a rich distinctive Lindt Swiss milk chocolate flavour and cost $6.50.
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