Friday, September 11, 2009

Cremorne Hotel

The Cremorne Hotel has a logo that features an elephant. This is apparently "Tommy the zoo elephant" who was the leading attraction in the zoo on the original site of the Cremorne Hotel back in 1854. The original Hotel stood in wheat fields. It was a popular place to gather, with gardens and the zoo that featured Tommy.

"The Register" from 1902 records that "There [at the Cremorne Hotel] was to be seen the first elephant ever imported into South Australia.". The Cremorne Hotel is now on Unley Road in the premises built in 1925, replacing that first building.

The hot chocolate was $4.10 and came in a glass mug with a handle. It had an excellent froth and sprinkle of chocolate. It tasted great and was rich, creamy and chocolaty. The hot chocolate came with an individually wrapped orange chocolate in the shape of a shell featuring the logo with aforementioned elephant. This was a delicious chocolate and was a credit to it manufacturer Fardoulis Chocolates in New South Wales.

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